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Article 74: It is the nursing assistant exercise, complementary health care services in aspects other than the jurisdiction of the sanitary auxiliary personnel entitled. Rule 75: Functions of the nursing assistant in nursing services are: 1: Patient raised beds. 2: perform cleaning and Hygieia. 3: bring orinals patients and retirlos. 4 Perform cleaning carts. 5: welcome wagons. 6: Serve food to the sick 7: Feeding the sick. 8: Clasificar and ordered the linen plant. 9: For indication of ATS or dui col'laborar in medication administration. 10: Col'laborar in data collection termometiques. 11: Col'laborar in shaving the patient. 12: Moving objects etc. Documents NURSING MODELS: 1 theoretical model of nursing proposed in the mid-nineteenth century by Florence Nightingale: Founder of modern medicine. This model is defined in an innovative nursing as a profession than medicine. Considered a natural healthy way of positive influence on patients. Its primary role would be providing air friction to help calm nature in the process of curasio. The model of Virginia Henderson: Early sketches that were published in 1995, is considered more a philosophy than a model that defines the nursing profession the more widespread around the world are still very influential in spain dhospitals in most of the country. Virginia Henderson understands that men have needs that are essential magnificent human being to kill the life and assegurarse their welfare, similar to the necessities of Maslow, an individual is CAPAZ activities performed alone. Necessities of human being ( Henderson V): - Wearing appropriate clothing - Keep skin clean and full - live according to their values and beliefs - and work done, - play and have fun, - Learning and satisfy their curiosity. necessities of Maslow: self: fight I want to> Self-Esteem: Very estimarse Import Value: Security not live alone: people feel safe and fisologias básicas. Nursing models proposed in the second half of the twentieth century: Dorothea Orem: self-care model; Month reliance on the people around ex Hildegard Diabetics peplau: model of interpersonal relations: From here it interlelasionen other professions. Myra Levine: Sample conversation: Work well with the child in Nepal, working with energy. Martha Rogers: Unitary human model: Working with human psychosocial (individual relationships.) Imogene King's model of open systems and achieving goals.: Solo biseral client (introduced) Betty Neuman: Model of care system: Person was introduced as the doctor is nervous to calm the person. Pedicurist Roy: Model adapcio: adapcio was promoting. Dorothy Johnson. Model system behavior: maintaining or restoring the balance of system behavior. Defincions dinfermeria: transitive: Occupation and qualifications of the person who is dedicated to the care of sick and wounded ANA: American Nurses Asosiacio: is the protection, Promotion and optimization of health and abilities, prevention of illness and injury. Virginia Henderson: Helping the patient or healthy individual activities contrivueixen to their health or recovery and you do not wish to aid the facilitation of their independence quickly as possible. Martha Rogers: Science humanistic concern compasiva dedicated to the maintenance and promotion of health, disease prevention and rehabilitation of sick and disabled. Betty Neuman: afectan variables in response to individual factors dun stress function of nursing is to prevent stress and to obtain and maintain a maximum level of wellness

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