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Mary Tudor- 1st born heir, Bloody Mary, Henry 8. 1st child, queen at 37 wanted to return ENG to one true faith--Roman Catholic - was pleased to marry Philip of Spain(powerful roman catholic),older than he, she had no eyebrows - she worked from down until midnight,english people did not love philip,she believed she has baby because she wouldnt give throne to halfsister, rule -  she was determined to return all her people to true faith, when they refused to change, she burned more then 300 people at the stake Queen elizabeth 1.- 1533, born to Henry 8. And ann boelyn, lived in hatfield house, teacher: roger ascham, italian french greek latin, Catherine Parr alowed elizabet. To come back to royal court, and then she married LORD HIGH ADMIRAL Thomas Seymour, succesor of henry 8. Was his sick halfbrother Edward, 1553 became queen, 1559-crowning of elizabeth in westminster abbey, 1559- act of sovereignty- wanted to unite eng in religion and domestic politics 1601- golden speech, 1603 died in richmond 

Spanish armada- philip wanted to marry her sister elizabet but elizabet was protestant so she didnt want to robbing- Francis Drake sice 1560  spanish settlements in south america and spanish treasure ships had been attacked by english sailors such as Drake and elizabet secretly ecouraged them 1587 execution of mary by elizabet was last hope, philip is goignt to prepare invasions of eng, PLAN 1.  30 000 spanish soldiers from Netherlands would gather from france led by Duke of Parma, 2. 136 warships would destroy ships of eng in channel 3. Then armada would go to strait of dover and bring spanish accros eng in huge flatbottomed barges 4. As soon as spanish arrive to eng eng catholics would rise in rebellion against protestant queen and join spanish allies to defeat army of eliz. Armada of spain was in cadiz, Drake ( elizabet) destroyed cadiz ships, armada left 1588 sighed by english patrol golden hind then in scot and irel were 15000 of spain killed.

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