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Subject: A lot of exams!
Hi Ana,
What's up? At this time of the year there are a lot of exams and all the students are stressed but this year I don't study becouse I've finished my degree so I can help you.
Some bits of advice include the need to organise your time by making a timetable with your exams and your free time to study. Moreover, although you've got a lot of exams, you should relax by doing another activities. In this way, you' ll concentrate more and retain more information.
I also recommend studying at night becouse there is less noise and usually people don't bother you so much.
I hope this advice will help you and that you'll pass all your exams. You should think that this hard period is short and then you can enjoy the summer.
This year is the last year at Lope de Vega. Next year we will go to another high school with new people and new teachers. For this reason, a lot of people have problems like feeling scared, feeling embarrassed and so on. But this change is necessary for our education and social life.
On the one hand, there are a lot of positive things becouse we can make friends and it is the best opportunity to broaden my circle of friend, another advantage is knowing different teaching styles, as a result I might learn new ways to study. Finally, we will be more independence.
On the other hand, there are some drawbacks. One disavantage is that we are used to going to our old school. We have been there since we were three years old. Furthermore, our friends will not go with us and we will not know what the exams will be like.
To conclude, I think there are more advantages than disavantages and I am very sociable, so I don't have any problem with meeting new people. I have a lot of enthusiasm to this change.
A story in the past/ AN HORRIBLE EXPERIENCE
I was watching the TV on my sofa quietly after a very busy day at the high school with a lot of exams when I started to smell a horrible stink. So, I was scared and I went to the kitchen to see if everything was fine. The smell came from another place and I thought it was in the stairs. When I opened the door, there was a lot of smoke. I dasched and I got dressed and collected the most important things.
Then, a firefighter appeared and said to all the neighbours: You must leave the building! I went down the steps quickly and when everybody was in the street, the police informed us about the fire in the second floor. I lived on the third floor so I was very frightened becouse the flames were big and the windows creaked.
Finally, firefighters were able to put out the fire and only my neighbour's kitchen got burnt. The only thing that happened in my flat was that my blinds were very worm out and the smell took three days to go away. I wish it had never happened to me and I hope it never happens again.

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