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airport: area where airplanes

amazing: fantastic 
art gallery: a place for the exhibition of artistic paintings
bank: a place where people get and save money
biologist: a person who studies plants and animals
block: a rectangular rea in a city surroundeb
botanical garden: institutions that exhibit plants, trees and flowers
castle: a large building with fortified walls
church: a place where people have spiritual ceremonies 
cook: a person who prepares food 
deseart: arid and hot land with little vegetation
doctor: a person who cures people
driver: a person who drives a car 
drugstore: a place where people boy medicine
fire fighter: a person extinguishes fire
fire station: a building for fire fighters
gas station: a place where people buy gasoline
get: to arrive 
grocery store: a mini market where people buy products
help: cooperation
hospital: a building where doctors cure people
hotel: the place where tourists sleep
island: area of land  with water around it
library: a place where people read and have access ti books 
location: position of a place
mall: a building with stores where people shop
map: representation of a region to locate places
mechanic: a person who repairs cars
metro: a electric train
museum: a place for the exhibition of things
parking lot: a public area where people park their cars 
police officer: a person who helps people and protects the city
police station: a building where people send and get letters
postal employee: a person who delivers letters to people
receptionist: a person who gives information at the hotel
sign: an image indicating the directions in a city
square: a public place where people have social and cultural activities
stadium: a large building where people watch and play sports
statue: a large human or animal sculpture
systems engineer: a person who operates and repairs computers
teacher: a person who teaches a particulas subject
tech shop: a building where people find technological elements
tourist shop: a person who gives information about tourist places in a city
tourism: the act of visiting other countries and cities
train: transport system consisting of railway vehicles
transport: a systems of travelling and moving from one place to another
tree: a woody plant with a trunk and branches
work: to do physical or mental activity to earn money
wonder: a beautiful and spectacular  place 
zoo: a place with animals for public  exhibition

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