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My family

My family is small my mothers name is laura. She is 39 yaer Old. She is a housewife. Her eye are Brown. Her favourite color is black. She is Very lovery

My fathers name is juan. He is 45 yaer old. He is a pólice. His Eyes are black. He is tall. His favourite colour is red

My brother is Ignacio he is 7 year old he is a student he is Tall and fat his favourite food is milanesa with chips

My life

I am micaeña martinez i lie in villa floresta in salta in the North of argentina im 14 year old i go to Arturo illias school it is a great School and i have got some firends there there ir a supermarket in front of muy School and sometimes i buy there

I have got a Little brother igancio is 7 years old and he is A student

My favourite subject is art and muy favourite band is la Bersio muy favourite colour is black




Hi there!

My name is Micaela and i am 14 year old. I am from salta in Argentina. My school is dr Arturo illia i am in 2nt grade

I have got lost of great clases here. Today i have got Biology maths geography literatura and art

We do one sport ay my school han ball my favourite subject is Art its realy interesting

My favourite teaher is mi carina she is my english teacer and Shes really nice

Take care


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