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La Celestina: Celestite is one of the great literary works of our literature, important both for the depth and complexity of its subject, for the perfection of his style.
TEXTUAL PROBLEMS AND AUTHORSHIP: * The first known edition, untitled and unsigned, appears in villages and consists of sixteen acts. * A new edition titled the play "Comedy of Calisto and Melibea" and contains some verses, whose initials form an acronym q reports its author. In the preliminaries, the author tells a friend had found qe written the first act and q, from him, decided to write the fifteen below. * Later editions cn and leave the title of "tragi-comedy of Calisto and melibea" and have five more events to reach the 21 cn los q now know the work.
GENEO PROBLEMS: As a text exclusively in dialogue, not just descriptions, some consider it a dramatic piece for, obtante not only to reading, not representation, q and its staging would be difficult due to the changes Fivers scenario and the long extension of the work. By extension, the complexity and time-space changes and some include the work as a kind of "novel in dialogue". Some think q Rojas attempt to create a "romantic anti-romance," a critique of the sentimental novel. Q I dont really makes it important to La Celestina is a break there cn q ideology of the previous literature, and originality.

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