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OPINION ESSAY: Repetition and memorizing Are the best way to learn.

Everyone learns differently And everyone has their own interests, but surely some techniques and methods Are more effective than others. Students have to study various subjects in one semester. So, are repetition and memorizing the best way to learn?

Many people say that Memorization has a lot of advantages. They argue that it exercises the brain And it helps people to learn difficult concepts. I agree with this and in my View we have to study some issues with this method. For example, multiplication Tables or prepositions are difficult concepts to comprehend and we have to Study them in this way. Besides, another positive aspect about repetition and memorizing As ways to learn is that they improve the retention capacity. However, this Kind of information can be memorized on many ways and using specific techniques Like mnemonics.

Nevertheless, there Is much information that could be taught differently. We shouldn’t forget that Comprehension is the base of learning. As we are studying in psychology’s subject, meaningful learning promotes a more lasting retention of the Information. This aspect is very important because we often forget the Knowledge that is not significant for us. Therefore, frequently meaningful Learning is better than repetition and memorizing because it remains in memory During more time.

To sum up, “memorizing and repetition” and “meaningful learning” are different methods to Learn. I strongly believe we have to be able to use one or the other as the Situation needs it. It is true that as future teachers we have to know all the Ways to teach but personally I prefer the second way. 

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