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Label, beautify, horrify, prioritize, purify, Sympathize, ankle-length, average-sized, broad-shouldered, heavily-built, knee-length, Scruffy-looking, shoulder-length, , moles, chin, clean-shaven, skinned, haired, Under attack from, resonate with... // Prohibition (can’t Mustn’t), Permission (can, be allowed to, may), Ability (can, could, be able to, managed to) Obligation (must, have to, need to) No obligation (don’t have to, needn’t), Advice (Should Nt, ought to, had better) Possibility (may, might, Could, can, shall), Deduction (can’t, must nt, could nt), will, would. Have + 3ra

Claim benefits, do an assignment, get fired, Flying colours, self-teaching or teach taught yourself, bank manager or clerk, Surgeon, take on (assumir), take up (acceptar), articulate, perceptive, determined, Reliable, trustworthy, indecisive…/// INFINITIVE: Purpose or reasons; after would+love, like, prefer; after adj (angry happy, Sorry, pleased…); too or enough; question words (- why). Verbs: Advice, agree, Appear, decide, expect, promise, refuse, want, ask, pretend, seem, remember, Forget… //////GERUNDS: as a noun, subject; after love like dislike hate Enjoy, start, begin, stop, finish, physical activities, expressions (worth, be Used to), after prepositions (to, without, about…), after hear, see, feel. Verbs: Avoid, admit, deny, look forward to, prefer, regret, risk, spend, suggest, Advise, imagine, consider…
 V+OBJ (us them)+INF (invite, order, remind, Teach, tell/help, want, ask, would like…). ////BARE INF (inf without to In modals and after let, make, hear, see + obj). ///PARTICIPLES AND PARTICIPIAL: present participle (V+INF, form adjectives or instead of v+ed Or having+3r). 

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