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Abject: miserable

Admonish: advise

Assimilate: absorb

Adroit: cleverly skillful

Allay: to calm

Amorphous: no specific shape

Ascetic: severe Self-discipline

Absolve: declare Free from guilt

Antipathy:a natural, basic

Antipode: exact opposite.

Abnegation: rejecting Something

Ascribe:to assign

Banal: obvious and Boring

Bellicose: willingness To fight

Blazon :display powerful Feelings

Bravado: show of Boldness intended to impress

Broach: raise a Difficult subject for discussion

Commensurate: corresponding In size

Cognizant:having knowledge

Choleric: bad-tempered

Colloquy: a Conversation

Charlatan:  person Falsely claiming to have a special knowledge

Copious: abundant In supply

Distraught: very Worried

Discursive: digressing From subject

Despot: a ruler

Dirge: a Lament

Decorum: behaviour In keeping with good taste

Doggerel: badly Written 

Euphemism: indirect Word

Expatriate: person Lives outside their country

Exhort: strongly Encourage

Etymology: study Of the origin of words

Extol: praise

Euphony: being Pleasing to the ear

Engender: give Rise to a feeling

Finesse: impressive skill

Fortuitous: happening By a lucky

Feign: pretend To be affected

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