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Peremptoryadj, insisting on immediate attention or obedience in imperious ways
Conflagrationnoun, an extensive fire that destroys a great deal
Incurverb, become subject to something unpleasant as result of one's behaviors
Munificentadj, a sum of money larger or more generous than necessary
Orthodoxadj, beliefs that are traditionally or generally accepted
Latentadj, existing but not yet developed, hidden
Interposeverb, place or insert between two things
Inviolateadj, free or safe from injury or violation
Approbationnoun approval or praise
Sanguineadj, optimistic or positive, in a bad situation
Spectraladj, of or like a ghost
Sequesterverb, isolate or hide away
Demurverb, raise doubts or objections or show reluctance
Repudiateverb, refuse to accept or be associated with
Requisiteadj, made necessary by particular circumstances; a thing that is necessary for achievement
Volubleadj, speaking or spoken incessantly and fluently
Discreditableadj, tending to bring harm to a reputation
Infirmitynoun, physical or mental weakness
Presentiment-an intuitive feeling about the future
Supposition-an uncertain belief
Imbue(d) -inspire or permeate with a feeling
Inveterate-unlikely to change
Expiationnoun, making amends for guilt or wrongdoing

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