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I Can’t afford to go on holidays abroad.

The students agreed to be here on time.

He appeared to be happy.

The students asked me to postpone the exam.

He begged me not to leave him.

He claimed to be Michael Jackson’s son.

If you dare to insult me, I’ll call the police.

I havedecided to buy a new car.

The citizens aredemanding the Government to lower taxes.

I expect you to pass the course.

If you fail to fill in the form, you won’t be able to sign up for the course.

I hope to see you soon!

When will you learn to drive?

I managed to get here on time.

I need to do some homework this evening.

Sarah offered not to see me.

I plan to retire at 63.

She pretended not to see me.

I promise to marry you.

He refused to marry her.

The course seems to be boring.

I can’t wait to see you soon!

I wish to move to a house in the outskirts.

  • WITH THESE VERBS + object (Noun or object pronoun: me, you, him, her, us, them…):

The man advised us not to swim in the lake.

I don’t allow you to smoke in class.

I begged her to stop bullying me.

Lou encouraged her students to write the abstract in English.

The teachers have forbidden us to go outside at break times.

The dentist forced me to use brackets.

I want to persuade my parents to buy me a new laptop.

We requested the principal to go out.

The new Japanese Student taught us to make sushi.

Luismi told us not to leave.

I warned him not to touch the fire.

  • WITH THESE VERBS (see, hear, listen to, smell, watch, make /let) + OBJECT + INTINITIVE WITHOUT TO:

I saw Alejandro and Laura kiss.

I saw Alejandro and Laura kissing.*

The teachers make us do a lot of hw.

My parents let me go out till 3 am.



I’m thinking of buying a Ferrari.

I’m tired of waiting for you.

·As the subject Of a sentence:

Smoking seriously damages your health.

Swimming is my favourite sport.

·With some expressions:

It’s No use trying to convince her.

There’s No point worrying about it now.


John admitted stealing the money.

I try to avoid talking the tube.

I can’t help falling In love with you.

I can’t stand losing!

Have you ever considered living abroad?

I don’t mind doing The dishes.

I like dancing. (Br E)  I like to dance. (Am E)

I like reading.

*But: I like to read the sports newspapers on Sunday Mornings. (talk about sth specific)

Would you like to come With me to the party?

I don’t feel like dancing.

You have to give up talking in class.

Can you imagine living on a desert island.

The witness mentioned seeing someone in the apartment At that time.

Would you mind walking me home?

I miss being with You.

Laura suggested having a surprise party.

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