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apply for a job to make a formal resquete usually in writtin to talk

clainhemesf: to ask for money from the overment or a company
do a course: to take a seriesof lessons or lectures on a particular subject
do a dreger: to make an academia,completie os estudies
drop uot: to leave school
doncte: supported by people who pay all or part of the costs
get grades: to have a good marks in a exam
get promoted: to move to a higher walk in a job
blame: say that someone is responsible fot something
stemal: which continues forever
everwholwed: to have such strong emotion efect on so that is diffic
high flyer: someone with an important an will paid job
sahngterhouse a building where animals an killed for food
doc growwer: my frien is a dog grower and spometimes catches flas
articulate: good at expresing ideas or feelingns cleverly in words
mitical: expression dissaponned of sb sth
decise: very important
eficient: doing sth and troughly

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