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Future with will

We can use the future with will to make general predictions and give opinions about the Future.

·Ruby will be the first female U.S president.

·I’m sure the weather will improve soon.

We can use will to Talk about our hopes and fears about the future.

·I hope there’ll be some concert tickets left!

·They’re worried rain will ruin the annual picnic.

Will can also be Used for offers, promises or spontaneous plans/decisions.

·Next time, I’ll play for diner!

·I promise we’ll go to the beach soon

To make affirmative Sentences, we use the modal auxiliary verb will + the base form of the verb.

·Karen will travel to Europe after college.

·We will be famous lawyers some day.

Negative sentences Are made by using will + not (won’t) + the base form of the verb.

·I will not tell her I saw you playing video games.

·The population of India certainly won’t decrease

We make questions By moving the modal auxiliary verb will to the beginning of the sentence and by Adding a questions mark at the end

·Will space travel become a reality?

·Will john and Meg travel in the spring?

Short answer to a Future questions with will use a subject pronoun + will/won’t.

·Will Bob and Ben arrive early? Yes, the will

·Will the plane land on schedule? No, it won’t

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