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Short Stories: 1.No long introduction - reader "jumps" into the action   2. No detailed description of setting, characters and atmosphere   3. It often shows a decisive moment in somebodys life   4. Its presented in a strictly chronically order    5.There is a limited number of characters   6. It usually consists five parts: Introduction -> development -> climax -> falling action -> solution   7. It often leaves an open question Elements of short storie: 1.Action and conflict: one or more events? When? Where? Make up the structure (wie sich charaktere behandeln, )   2.Characterization: is klar    3.Setting (framework of the story) background, landscape, weather, time (Grundzustand)     4.Style/language: short or complex sentences ? Dialogue or monolgue? Choice of words ? +++ STILMITTEL    5.Theme: inner core of the story    7.Tone = the way sth is said importance on characters  hero/heroin  (stimmung, atmosphere)  8.Narration: a, First person narrator b, the narrator tells the story through the eyes of a main character - limited point of view c, the narrator tells story he has observed without any opinion d, the omniscient narrator tells what happens- knows everything Comment: 1.Introduction 2.Giving ur opinion 3. Arguments (Behauptung, Begründung, Beispiel) (Firstly, Secondly, Moreover) 4. Schluss      Operatoren: assess/evaluate = Meinungsbildung nach Präsentation von pro UND kontra    comment on = eigene meinung vertreten (einseitig)    discuss = pro/kontra    Stilmittel:    alliteration = rock ragges ran    anaphora= In every...In every... In every...    euphemism = he passed away statt he died (beschönigung)    hyperbole= im so hungry could eat a horse    irony !!  symbol, metaphor  Cartoon: 1. Topical sentence: START WITH MESSAGE: "In my opinion the cartoon is supposed to"    2.Description: in the top corner / bottom corner / foreground / background .. The subject of the cartoon is ..  3.Interpretation.:

PGD(=Pre-implantation genetic diagnosis): Pros: Parents can have children that wont develop a dangerous disease later. Using PGD to avoid cancer deaths gives poeple control over thei lives and childrens lives. Cancer gen will die out       Cons: painful treatement. Expensive (no health insurance pays). Religious ethical objections. GM-Food: Pros: Resistance to herbicides.   more nutritious crops.   Production of medicines.   Better overall qualitiy and taste, create new food       Cons: Cross breeding with wild population.   Toxicity or allergic reactions.   over-use of herbecides Being British: 5'o ´clock tea.   football,cricket,horse race.   rainy weather.   Strange sense of black humor.   old fashioned, traditional (monarchy).    driveo n left side.   cant cook/strange food. Consumer boycotts: Pros: companies chance their habits.   make consumers buy more thoughtfully.    hopefully improvements wages & working conditions.     Cons: can cause joblooses.   consumeers goods are more expensive.   no production.    businisses find new ways to produce.

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