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Moral universalim-defends the existence of moral values which are used to judge actions and specific moral standards.

Moral relativism-mantains that moral values varyy from one society to another, from one era to antoher and from one subject to another.
Teological ethics is determined by the purpose that is being pursued.
Deontological ethics depends on whether the action corresponds with the duty of the person carrying it out.
Moral rationalism-reason is what allows us to distinguish between good and bad. It guides our actions and moral judgments.
Moral emotivism-moral assesments are based on emotions. Moral judgmnents are the expression of our feelings in the face of certain actions.
Material ethics should indicate what goodness consists of and provide a set of standards of behaviour for achieving it.
Formal ethics - it should not indicate what to do, but how to act.
Ethical maximum - should provide us with guidelines so we can decide what to do in any given situation.
Ethical minimum- should set minimum common pratices and allow individuals to shape their own morality according to their conditions.

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