The modern subject is the subject of the sciences.

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Explain the process needed to prepare for a research

define, explore, indentify, related

Explain the requirements to become a process information 
analyze/evaluate, sort, syntnetize, test

Explain thge process in order to think critically
listen as you; question the relevance of information
observed as you: question the accurary of the information
read as you: question the authority of the information
view as you: question the point of view of the information 
reflect as you: question the faimes of the information 

jingoism: nationalism in the form of aggressive policy
critical path: commonly used with all forms of projects
research: the systematic investigation of all areas
perspective: a way that individuals looks at something
global significanse: important in international affairs

when you put your ideas back together you RECONSTRUCT the information to have a clear perspective of the subject
to REFLECT you must first have a deep thought and observation

it is important to COLLABORATE with you peers in order to achieve better results 

to COMMUNICATE properly, the information must be clear and understandable

usually it is best to DESCONSTRUCT ideas, by breaking down the meaning and significance

YES: author, title, institution    NO: chapter, periodical name

YES: author, chapter, periodical name   NO: title, data crossed

YES: author, chapter, title    NO: detabase name, E-reader

YES: title   NO: chapter, E-reader, edition    IF AVAILABLE: author


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