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The authority - it is Accepted as true what have been said by someone or something who or which is Considered as expert in a subject or as a community leader. So, it is just based on the trust and respect that person or institutions inspires ; this is An unscientific consideration

The evidence -refers to The special way in which certain facts and propositions are shown, and thus we Consider it as an “obvious” knowledge. Knowledge is evident when it produces a certainty That keeps us from doubting about their truth

The intersubjectivity-This Criterion said that our beliefs, to be admitted as true and provide knowledge, Must be acceptable to any rational subject. This point of view about truth is Based on the idea that knowledge is objective and therefore shareable by all, That is, it is not exclusive to a particular person. Regarding the criterion of Evidence, it has the advantage of be based not only on the recognition of truth That makes one subject, but on recognition of many

Relations of ideas are Statements based on indestructible bonds created between ideas. All

logically true statements  are relations of ideas. Relations Of ideas are intuitively or demonstrably certain, and a denial of such a proposition Implies a contradiction.

Matters Of fact are statements based on experience. They are learned a Posteriori, and can be denied without fear of contradiction.

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