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To: Marisa  From: Nerea

Subject: your visit to Cambados
Date: 10/2/2020
Hi Marisa,
How are you? I haven´t seen you for a long time because i have been in the hosapital for a month but now i´m okey.
i´m really happy that you come to Cambados to improve your Galician.
i know that you have been in the south of Spain but you have never been in the north.
The north is much colder than the south. The language is different too we have words such as ``morriña´´ and ``parabens´´.
When you came we will continue talking.
i hope to know abaut you soon.

Some young people go to Salesianos Cambados. What are the advantages and disvantages?
This is my first year in this school, but i have made a lot of new friends. You learn a lot of things because the teachers are very centred in the work.
However, there are some disvantages. In the mornings it is very cold into the class, another disadvantage is the food, it is very bad, not always but a lot of days.
to conclude, i think the school Salesianos is  one interesting place to study but no to eat. 

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