The modern subject is the subject of the sciences.

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PASSIVE: to be correspondiente (presente- is, are) (futuro_ will) (pasado-was were)+tercera persona 

REPORTED SPEECH: now- then, today- that day, tomorrow- the next day, yesterday- the day before, last year- the year before, five years ago- five years before, next week- the following week

i- he/she, you- i/he/she/we/they, we-they, me-him/her, you-me/him/her/us/them, us- them, my-his/her, your_my/his/her/our/their, our-their

present simple- past simple

present cont.- pas cont.

past simple- past perfect

present perfect- past perfect

will- would

is/are going to- was/were going to

can- could

have to- had to

USED TO: did+use to


Subject: who+object

Object: what+verbo+subject+primera columna

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