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types of nonfiction

reflective addresses an experience and includes the writers insights about the events importance  letter memoir journal
persuasive tries to convince the reader to adopt a particular point of view or take coure of action editorial saeles brichures
narrative tells the story of real-life experiences biographies auto
expository presents facts an ideas, or explains a process media accoun essay how to writting
synonyms are words that have nearly the same meaning 
antonyms are words that are the oposite meaning
expository writting is a factual writting that explains or informs 
persuasive writting
perssuasive word such should must and ought 
rethorical quiestion
bandwagon tries to convince you that since everybody else is doing
glittering sound positive
card sacking manipulate audience
testimonials are quotation stories 
is the writers attitude his or her audience and subject
fact and opinion
fact something that actually happend and can be justified 
opinon is a person bias

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