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Present simple  am /is /are + pp
she eats apples----- Apples are eaten by her
Present continuos  is-/are/being + pp
He is eating oranges ----- oranges are being eaten by his
Past simple   was/ were + pp
I bought a mobilephone last week--- 
A Mobile phone was bought by me last week
Past continuous   was /were being + pp
(was/were+ ing)
My brother was cleaning his car
His car was being cleaned by my brother
Present perfect   has /have been + pp
My mother has cooked a cake--- A cake has been cooked by my mother
Past perfect    had been + pp 
They had climbed a montain--- A montain had been climbed by them
Past perfect continuous  had been being+pp
(had been+ing)
He had been listening music--Music had been being listened by her
Future  will be +pp
I will sing a song--- A song will be sung by me
Future  is going to be +pp
(is/ are + going to)
I'm going to buy a car the nest month
A car is going to be bouth the nest month
Future perfect------will have been +pp
(will have + pp)
She will have finished the exams-- The exams will have been finished by her
can           can be
must         must be   +pp
should      should be
She car bought shoes ----Shoes can be bought by her.
Subject   + is
               was/ were        + used to + -ing
               must be 
John is used to playing with children
Subject + get
               got             + used to + ing
              was geting
People get used to new technologies
Sirve para reproducir lo que dicen los demas
Present simple------------------------------Past simple
(I want to match a film he said)    (He said that he wanted to match a film)
Present continuous--------------------------Past continuous
(Jane is sleeping he said)               (he said that Jane was sleeping)
Present perfect---------------------------------Past perfect
(I have bought a new dree's she said)  (she said that she had bought a 
                                                           new dress)
Se utiliza cuando no referimos a una acción que nos hacen a nosotros
Subject + have/has
               had      + object + pp
               get            (CD)
the mechanic changed the oil in my car
the mechanic had the oil changed in my car
Se usa para indicar cosas del pasado que ocurrían de forma habitual
Subject + used to + verb
               didn't used to
I used to go to the beach when 
I was yong
I didn't used to eat cereals
Se usa para indicar los hábitos del pasado y una firme voluntad en el pasado de hacer algo
Subject  + would + verb
he would play football but he heated playing golf.

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