Modernism and Generation 98

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FINAL CRISIS OF THE CENTURY: Siglo XIX, 2 mov arise. vs. contemporary artistic. Realism: Modernism and Generation of '98.

LOCATION HISTORIC / CULTURAL: Strong decline in the late nineteenth century. Two historical events mark the writers this period:

- Colonial Wars: The loss of the last Spanish colonies, Cuba and Puerto Rico, Spain embarked on a deep economic crisis. The intellectuals are concerned. Called Disaster 98.

- Restoration Crisis: Alfonso XIII ascended to the throne in 1902. Restoration Keeps bipartisanship, and Primo de Rivera in 1923 suspended 1876 Constitution and impose a dictatorship.

The crisis generates social inequalities among peasants and workers and bourgeoisie enjoys better quality of life. In cultural terms, Spain is facing significant delays. educational institutions are struggling to improve education


Modernism: Maintains actutiud rebel maverick with reality, aesthetic renovation Definde against Realism, search for beauty, spirituality and feelings expression, escapes to exotic worlds and ideals, refined style and sensual and the main genre is the lyrical

Generation 98: "," art is concerned about the situation of Spain and expressed his pessimism, past artist for literature and Castilian landscapes, simple and sober style with great power and significance of all genres cultivated

NOUVEAU: End S. XIX, author representative Ruben Dario, modernists believe that realism is vulgar, unspiritual and finished with artistic beauty. Proposes to renew and restore the beauty of language.

The modern lyric is the genre most commonly used. Modernist poetry is experiencing great renewal in metric, style and themes

In the modernists are obsessed by the forms. Find the right word. The metric is intended musicality and rhythm, rhyme used acute. The style is elevated and refined. The topics are the sensual, exotic, universalism and intimacy and melancholy

JUAN RAMON JIMENEZ: Spanish writer best treats Modernism. His most popular book is Platero y yo. It evolved from Modernism to pure poetry, characterized by formal perfection and beauty.

GENERATION 98: This marked the disaster of '98. Its authors are concerned about the crisis in Spain. The issues are the appreciation of the literature of the past and study history and Castilian landscapes, and existentialism. His style is simple vocabulary and a deep meaning. In the predominantly lyrical content over form. Its features are simplicity, sober vocabulary, and decline, linked to the crisis in the country.

ANTONIO MACHADO: One of the greatest exponents of the poetry of the Generation. Production mostly poetry. His themes are the concern existential expression of feelings and Castilian landscape and its people

NARRATIVE noventayochistas: Your style is simple, the themes are the evolution of an idealized past and the description and Castilian plateau. Stand Miguel de Unamuno and Pio Baroja

Miguel de Unamuno: His themes are the problems of Spain and meaning of life. His great obsession is the fear of man

Pio Baroja: His prose uses many biographical elements and marked by a pessimistic view. Style is based on formal simplicity.

THEATER: It was conducted by del Valle-Inclan with Mardi Gras. Opens the grotesque, literary style characterized by a completely pessimistic, distorted and very grotesque. Sample critical social reality through vision.

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