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There are two types Modernist Theatre, Theatre Ideas: regenerationist We believe that through his art, theater and ideas that are regenerated very materialistic society. Aims to change society from the ideas that tell the theater. Would viewers leave the theater with new issues to think about. Problems in society. People no longer go there and create a more theater fribol more fun. Ferreter 1882-1956 Joan Puig i want to break the tendency of the viewer to see the theater. A reflection on human existence, the individual and society. The characters speakest vital resolutions and embark with enthusiasm. Works: The lady love, enchanted waters. Finally we opted for the bourgeois comedy. Norwegian playwright Henrik Ibsen. Ignasi Iglesias, the adaptations Art Theatre Symbolists believed total. Motl symbols used. Pretenció has to be a spectacle. Influence of the Belgian author Maurice Maeterlinck Rusiñol tries to approach his work. Rusiñol 1861-1931 gives us things of high modernist drama. Auca Mr Stephen success. Defence art and the figure of the artist. The joy that happens try to integrate more of an art. TRect of time two characters Empressa their wishes. Adria 1872-1943 Ford is director of the theater company Intim.Fan works in small format. It is a theater innovador.S mattered for total art. Works: Silence, Blancaflor, The Mystery of student Vic pain = (not symbolist tendency relaista) The Narrative Art Nouveau is one of the most brilliant contributions to literature calatana. Somehow tries to establish some ideas that could be more regeneration or other more abstract. Demonstrates that the human being is subjected to a fatolisme. The man would be a beast if it fails the Will and his own ability esperitualista. Away to become an autonomous man and commitment to freedom. Lo Victor Catalan (1869-1966 Paradise CaterinaAlbert and daughter of a wealthy family of landowners installed on the scale. Guanay award was the Floral Games Olot at 13. Create a scandal and started signing Victor Catala becomes a fundamental esccriptora modernism and TV. Catalan. Later you will feel marginalized by the rejection of narrative rural defense Noucentisme. Works: rural drama, Omvbrivoles, Sharp Edges and Solitude 1905 is a novel that raises the trajectory of a character in search of a life propia.Planteja the process of fighting between rebel Will the human force destructive nature of this struggle is necessary. It is a sign of vitality. Joaquim Ruyra 1858-1939 Blanes born modernist writer does not seem interested in the individual self. It is very sensitive to the nature that surrounds it. It has a very HYDRAULIC TUBING PROCESSING . Use very symbols Works: Marine and Jacobean storybook woods, stop, Pineapple Rose Rusiñol 1861-1931 Playwright narrator painter promoter multifaceted personality. 1st stage: Try total Symbolist art. poems with prose agoPrayers for regeneration genes prose poems. Stage 2: 1907 no longer was regarded as decadent estaticista The Tale of Mr Stephen confrontation between artist and society. Noucentisme not running a literary movement but rather a political intellectual . Want to emphasize the new impetus given to the noucents. Eugeni d'Ors invents Noucentisme ideòl · is the leg, so popular throughout the newspaper. Politicultural is a movement between 1906 and 1923 is proposed to build a Catalunya Ideal arrive. Enric Prat de la Riba Politic League game creates a rationalist is president of the Barcelona Provincial Council and in 1913 president of the union of Catalonia. Makes roads to schools museums. Talk Pompeu Fabra legislate for the language and creates the IEC. Pompeu Fabra understands very scientific language Catalan is especially called to Prat de la Riba legislate for the Catalan language and makes a general dictionary. Ors's based on a Thought the classical ideas of civility balance, harmony. Need to order nautra. STAGES Noucentisme Consolidation 1918-1923 1906-1917 Crisis of the initial project. Josep Carner was born in Barcelona in 1884 and died in 1970 nineteenth-century writer makes everything poetry harmonic atmosphere idyllic. Feels good man on nature. In 1906 published a collection of poems''Tree''delightful reflection on the ideals through images of a female. Time from 1st stage result: creates idyllic spaces, creates the ideal Catalonia also under a rich language. JC promotes the readers of this drive collective construction. We poets are the builders of towns = PHRASE. Dignify the Catalan language is proposed based on using the refined, classical, precise ironic thing separarla the most popular language modernist. 1914 (doggerel-and-Ventalss The word in the wind) the second stage began a diplomatic career and leaves the Noucentisme. The choir travels around the world write profuniditat still trying to see this stage of the human being are not pessimistic. Nabi in 1941 is a single poem, a long metaphysical reflection. Spring 1943 Research on the village with life.

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