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MOMO: It is the book's main character. It's a young girl who is orphaned and living in the ruins of an amphitheater. It has lots of friends among which Gigi Cicerone and Beppo Sweeper. Its greatest strength is listening. BEPPO SWEEPER: One of two best friends Momo. His career coincided with his last name, street sweeper. It is very cautious and always think things through before doing them. CICERONE GIGI: The other best friend Momo. I love telling stories of his own invention. In the end, just living it. It is very nervous and do all things without considering its consequences. INSTRUCTOR TIME: Is the person giving the time of human persons. He lives in a strange town in a house called "No Party" with his turtle Cassiopeia. His full name is Minucius Second Time. MEN GRAY: They are mysterious creatures that have come out of nowhere and take over the human time.

I loved the book, although at first I made it a bad idea for the cover. His descriptions about the time you do see the importance of time in our lives. Although the book is difficult to understand on first reading, is a book full of morals that makes you learn, whether the values of friendship, listening and that somehow we should not ignore "the gray men," the time q qitan us

Flower Time: It was a proper time and personnel, in the book represent the time of each person, and I NDERSTANDING xke asi ke se yaman to spend time as the flowers wither.

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