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Estuar was a boy of 17 years old.In june he was on Vacation, to spend a fod time.

His friens were already working.He did not want to Work, because he did not like.

He had a friend name Martin, who was a mechanic and he Worked in a garage .He was selling

A motorcycle for $30.Estuard love motorcycles and he Wanted that bike.Estuard

Estarted thinking where to get the money.Walking found And old abandoned house.

There was a boy called Frank.The house was of a rich lady who died.Fran go out the street,

Estuard entered to the house there he found money.He Picked it and left the house.

Frank followed Estuard, he hide in a garden.After a Few hours he went to the motorbike,

Shop and he bout the motorbike.Estuard only found $25, The police arrested Estuard and Frank.

Estuard had to returnthe motorbike,Estuard said he would return with his own money,

To take the motorbike.

The story liked me, because its exciting, my favorite Character is Estuard, because he is going to

Buy the motorbike went hi get the money.

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