Montecristo manifesto and puerto rico

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The restoration(II)-Internal problems:caused by the parties that were excluded from power(the republican party,divid in Carlist party&socialist party (PSOE)in 1879),the workers movem(gained strength after the Contitution of 1876 recornized the freedom of association),newly formed regional&nationalistic movem(originated as a reaction againsts the centralist policies of the Restoration,Catalan nationalists demanded autonomy for catalonia&be decreed the officila languaje of Catalonia)The 1898 disaster:Reasons:geographical location(islands on the caribean-aboliation of slavery(1880)-Cuba asked for more autonomy&spain refused-Valeriano Weyler crashed the rebellion with cruelty.-USA`S intervention(sinking of "maire").Consequences:spain lost its overseas colonies→more interest in Morroco-Cuba&Puerto Rico archived independence,but fell under influence of USA.-Moral&ideological crisis(Regeneracionismo)

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