Which months of the year represent summer and winter mediterranean _ region aereas example?

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Mediterranean agriculture 3.3Paisaje
It includes the coastline and Mediterranean littoral, the valley of the Guadalquivir and Balearic Islands. It has a rugged terrain and a coastal Mediterranean climate with very little rainfall in summer.
a) Agrarian Structure
"A large population
-The property is very dry dividida.En the properties on small and medium in Valencia and Murcia, Catalonia and medium-sized and large companies in Western Andalucia.
"The land uses are diverse.
b) Agriculture
There is great differentiation between irrigated and rainfed crops.
-Irrigated crops are favored by high temperaturasla mild sunstroke, the protection of relief, the existence of suitable soils and a significant international demand for high purchasing power, are engaged in early outdoor horticulture, horticulture early low plastic, a mediterranean fruit crops and tropical fruits.
"The dryland crops are given in the plains of the Guadalquivir valley and pre-littoral in most mountainous areas they dominate accidentadas.En cereals, grapes, olives and almonds.
c) cattle and swine in Catalonia, olive and goats in the dry lands and wild bulls on the banks of the Guadalquivir.

Mountain agriculture 3.4Paisaje
Landscape with relief of high altitude and steep slopes and climates with cold winter and abundant rainfall in much of the year.
a) Agrarian structure is characterized by:
"A very low population density and depopulation trend.
-Predominant smallholding in closed plots.
"The land uses are diverse and complementary scale in terms of the different climatic conditions: agriculture in the valley bottoms, forest logging on the slopes and livestock in the bushes and grasses of the summits.
b) Agriculture.
In the mountains of northern peninsular, is practiced in the valley bottoms and includes gardening, while most end up in the mountains of the Levant and south, some crops like almonds and olives.
c) Livestock grazing in extensive regime. In the mountains of northern peninsular sheep or cattle, and takes advantage of breaks and clearings in the forests of slopes, as well as shrubs and meadows of the mountains. D) logging.
It focuses on use of fuel wood and timber species such as eucalyptus, chestnut or pine.

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