Which months of the year represent summer and winter mediterranean _ region aereas example?

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19, Gran Vía/Murcia 30004/Spain/7th february 2017/From:Raquel/To:Maria/Subject:Erasmus in Spain//Dear Maria,/How are you getting on?/I’m very happy that you’re going to stay with me next year. Now, I’m going to answer some of your questions about Spain and the Region of Murcia./Spanish people are very friendly. To tell the truth, in general, they’re always happy and love so much going to the party./Also, their diet is varied. There are Spanish who prefer to eat Mediterranean diet, others eat much meat, and others are vegetarians. The most typical food in Spain are: ham and paella. Although, each community autonomous has its typical food. For example, in my Region, are famous “paparajotes”, and “Meat Pie”./In the Region, you should visit the Cathedral, the old buildings in Cartagena or the Roman Theatre. Likewise, you must go to my town, Totana. /The weather in my Region is good: winters are cold but summer are very hot. It sometimes rains in the spring and autumn. In other words, my Region is good place to live./Moreover, some important parties in the Region of Murcia are: “Carnival” and “Easter”./Many days I remember the wonderful days I spent in London. I loved being in that nice city, and I had a good time. I have really good memories. I visited London Eye, Tower of London, Big Ben… It’s a fantastic city which has many monuments, museums and big green parks. Also, I met many people who are my friends. I look forward to returning soon./Best wishes,/Raquel.

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