Morse met Anne

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Revision: I wish you could come to the party/anne told me she wasleaving her house them /cheryl is having her dress amde by designer/ unless they repair my tv i cant watch the game/ edward asked me if i was going to the cinema the following day/if she hadn't fallen the athlete would have won the race/sorry but this lamp can't be repaired/i wish my friend hadn't insulted me/if i had a good voice i could sing/ dad suggested having lunch in the park/ he had been sent the tickets by mail/ if kate had goneto bed early, she wouldn´t have been tired. Connectors: 1)to, 2)however, 3)therefore, 4)in addition, 5)although. Relatve clauses: the old man-(whom,who,that)-you were talking tome abouthas died/ Mozart,whose birth-place was saizburg,lived in viena/ he doesn't want to use maching, which makes work hard/ the firm, which i work for, is sending me to NY/ have you found the keys (which) you lost yesterday?/ anne boleyn, who henry viii executed in 1536, was (henry viii's)second wife/the policeman(who) you knocked off his helmet is at the door/ the london train, which is late, should arrive at 2,30

Verb tense:we will have completed/ we have been studying for hours/ we will be having dinner then/ do you do to the gym/ i had forgotten/don´t visit us-they are coming next july/they are working and won't leave until they finish/ he advised us not to eat...It had been left/i met...That i hadn't seen.
Modal perfect: you should have indicated to the driver behind that you were turning left/he must have washed his car/she can't have seen us/i should have studied harder/you couln't have done anything because they were professional thieves

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