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Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close

 Directed by Stephen Daldry

 Starring Thomas Horn (Oskar Schell),Tom Hanks (Thomas Schell), Sandra Bullock (Linda Schell), John Goodman (Stan the Doorman) And Max von Sydow (The Renter)

The film is about a boy, Oskar Schell (Thomas Horn), He tries to feel that his father is still with him. His father (Tom hanks) died In the attacks on the twin towers on September 11, the date for making name Oskar "the worst day". What happened that day was that after arriving Home from school, that surprise came earlier than normal. When entering your Home realizes that the phone starts ringing, the child does not answer on the Answering machine and the voice of his father is heard, saying he was fine, not To worry.

 Hearing that, Oskar turn on the TV and see what happens. Alarmed and paralyzed by what he Sees, he falls to the ground without being able to answer other messages that His father left on the answering machine

 Oskar discovers A key hidden in a vase, and convinces himself that his father must have put it There, Recalling how his father once told him that in New York there was a Sixth district, after that the two began an investigation, looking for clues to Corroborate its existence. With those memories in your mind, Oskar decides to Start a quest to find the lock that old key, thus trying to extend the time That he felt was wrong with his father.

 The only clue Is the word ‘Black’ on the envelope in which the key was found, so Oskar Embarks on a quest to interview all 472 people named Black in New York City.

He met many different kinds of people together. 

Oskar involves the help of the mute old man (Max von Sydow) who lives with Oskar’s grandmother, So to know a little more of this Man, this asks for help in the search. After that, both resume the search. Among those visiting is a woman, who later would take time who Oskar where the True owner of the key.

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