Mr maloney, a police man, and his pregnant wife mary live a comfortable life

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Lamb to the Slaughter is a puzzling book by a brilliant autor, Roald Dahl. Roald writes a horror story with a Little black comedy very different from his other Works. He uses two kinds of irony; a situational irony and a dramatic irony. The story is set in Maloney’s house, where the first main character Mary Maloney, a pregnant housewife, awaits the arrival of her husband, Patrick, the second main character who is a local police detective. When Patrick arrives home, Mary perceive him distant but he says that he is tired. Later confesses to his wife that his behavior is because he don’t want to continue with her. Then she takes a leg of lamb from the refrigerator with which hit her husband on the head and kills him. Mary to hide the murder cooks the lamb and goes shopping. When she returns home, calls the pólice and tells that somebody kills her husband. The police arrived at the house and began to investigate. They haven’t found any track and say that the killer is outside. Finally Mary offers the lamb for dinner and any police suspect nothing. In her book Lamb to the Slaughter , Roald touches upon the innocence of a housewife, which couldn’t be the killer. In my opinion the book is entertaining and resourceful because you have an unexpected ending.

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