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1. Of the following options, determine which is not considered as a factor in the loss of speed in video capture to your computer: speed CD / DVD
2.-For video capture the computer's hard disk is recommended for data transfer rate is minimum:
Section / formats
2.5 Mb / sec
5.0 Mb / sec
4.5 Mb / sec
3.5 Mb / sec
3.-The amount of information that a hard drive can write in a second consistently called: Peak Writing
4.-called compression: The process of removing or restoring data to reduce the size of a file
5.-Where the algorithmic compression process consumes the same amount of time that the decompression process is called:
6.-The waveform audio format was originally created for: Windows 3.1
7.-From the following sound formats, which is considered one of the most compatible: Wav
8.-In the following sound formats, which occupies smaller per minute of sound: Vqf
9.-The variation of a parameter of sound by a control function is called: Modulation
10.-It recognizes the musical instrument digital interface as midi Section
11.-The term is attributed to Hypermedia: Links and navigation in a material stored in any medium

12.-Of the following which is part of the six fundamental levels to evaluate the interactivity of a multimedia product:
Type interactive
That site is recognized by
A global information system
13.-From the options which "is not used in an HTML document: Borders footer, margins, page numbering
14.-The instructions are called HTML Tags
15.-The multimedia concept etymology translates as: Many media
16.-Which of the following options to modify the background color and color of the HTML document: <body> </ body>
17.-In the following instructions that performs select a paragraph in an HTML document: <br>
18.-The basic instruction for inserting image in an HTML document is: <img src="url of imagen">
19.-From the following select the one that describes what a web browser: A program that channels requests for client-server and performs adequately
20.-The sound is represented as: A wave
21.-The information represented by a continuous curve is called: Analog
ADC 22.-The abbreviation means: digital analog converter
23.-Which of the following describes select which sound recording as a default Windows Cd: 172 Kb / recording, sampling rate of 44kHz 16 bit stereo
24.-What is the meaning of sound format WAV: Audio formats
25.-rate MPEG files are divided into several layers, then selects the correct option: MPEG-1 to MPEG-4
26.-From the list below choose who you think of as traditional multimedia application: Diaporama
27.-The mp3 format is synonymous with an encoding algorithm called: mpeg-1 layer 3
28.-video is called a: A dedicated system for the storage of moving images and sound for later playback
29.-It is recognized as digital video editing: The transition from analog video signals to digital video signal
30.-In all components composite video brightness, color and timing information are available at: A single signal
31.-linear editing is called when using devices: Digital
32.-frame is called a: Moving images are displayed along a second of film
33.-In the video non-interlaced computer monitor often used a process called: Progressive Scan
34.-sequence is called: the succession of scenes or drawings that comprise a descriptive phase
35.-The basic difference between the traditional text is hypertext: Representation of a network or information system without a single order of reading
36.-What can be used in an HTML document: Highlight Text
37.-In video editing using a mask is considered: Transition
38.-It is called a direct transition to the action: Moving from one video to another smoothly
Html head title / title / head body / body / html

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