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- Clil

The letters CLIL mean: (Content and Language Integrated Learning).

In this methodology, the foreign language is used as a vehicle for accessing information, and is used for instruction and communication.

Learning the language and learning content are part of the same process.

In this methodology, children use another language naturally, and they soon forget about the language and only focus on the learning topic.

CLIL is called dual-focused education because there are two main aims: The first objective is related to the subject or topic, and the second objective is related to the language.

Caracteristics of Clil

CLIL is positive for learning of the target language (TL) and other subjects.

It can offer to children a natural situation for language development which builds on other forms of learning.

CLIL offers children the opportunity to use the TL actively, as a tool for real-life communication.

In CLIL students learn by doing.

CLIL emphasizes group work when doing problem-solving tasks in class

-Scaffolding  and techniques

Scaffolding is a technique of CLIL.

Scaffolding is a temporary structure, which supports the student in the construction of new learning, which is removed once the student is able to function independently.

Teachers, other learners, materials, structured tasks, parents or other members of the community.

In this technique, we need to learn from others; is a social learning process. This isn’t an individualist learning process.

Comprehensible input;Brainstorming;Placing notes in margins.Shortening sentences.Assessing obstacles to learning.

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