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Pectoral mayor: abduccion horiental en los hombros.Biceps: flexion de codo. Triceps: extension de codo.Trapecio:aproximacion escapular.Dorsal ancho:aduccion del hombro. Gluteus medius:extension de cadera.Calves gastronemius:extension de tobillo. Ractus abdoms:flexion de la columna vertebral.Deltoid: aduccion de hombros.

LONG BONES:are some of the longest bones in the body,such as the Femur,Humerus and Tibia.The classiffication of a long bone includes having a body which is longer than it is wide.SHORT BONES: are defined as being approximately aswide as they are long and have a primary funtionof providing support and stability with little movement. Short bones are the carpals and tarsals.FLAT BONES:are as they sound,strong,flat plates of bone with the main function of providing protection to the bodies vital organs and being a base for muscular attachment.A flat bone is the scapula,cranium.

IRREGULAR BONES: these are bones in the body which do not fall into any other category,due to their non-uniform shape. These are the vertyebrae,sacrum and mandible. SESAMOID BONES: are usually short or irregular bones,imbedded in a tendon. Of this is the patella which sits within the patella or quadriceps tendon.

JOINT: Is the point where two or more bones meet. CARTILAGE:A type of tissue that covers the surface of a bone at a joint.LIGAMENTS: Surround the joint to give support and limit the joints movement. TENDONS: a joint attach to muscles that control movement of the joint.BURSAS: fluid-filled sacs,between bones,ligaments, or other adjacent structures help cushion the friction in  a joint. SYNOVIAL MEMBRANE: lines the joint and seals it into a joint capsule. SYNOVIAL FLUID: A clear,sticky fluid secreted by the synovial membrane.

FIBROUS JOINTS: Is help together by only a ligament. CARTILAGINOUS:Occur where the connection between the articulating bones is made up of cartilage.SYNOVIAL JOINTS: are by far the most common classification of joint within the human body. RODILLA:Femur,bursa,synovial membrane,articular cartilage,tibia,patella,synovial fluid,fat,meniscus,patellar tendon.

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