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syncopation:accord on the part of beats

jazz: an improvised music
improv: making melody as it goes along
rythm section: base, piano and drums. Main component
pizzicato: to pluck the string
comping: chords on trials play on the weak beat
walking bass: the walking beat to a melody
instrumentation: combination of musical nstruments
polyrhythm: 2 or more rythms played symultanusly
blue notes: notes not part of the scale
RAGTIME: syncapated played by piano
dixieland: 1920 1930
blues: 19100
jazz originated in new orleans
elements of music: pitch:highets and lowest of sounds, melody: complete musical statement of idea, the true, harmony: melody and chords played simultaneusly, dynamics: intensity of sounds, rythm: the beat measured through time, timber: quality of sound (tone)
Rythm section: drum(trapset), bass drum, highhat, crash cymbal, ride cymbal, share drums, sticks, brushes, mallets.
Dixie land: clarinete, trumpet, trombone, piano, tuba, drums, guitar

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