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CHAPTER 9. Ulysses.

In the summer, my new tutor, Peter, arrived. He was tall, handsome young man from the University of Oxford. At first, he taught me math and English grammar. But finally, Corfu Peter worked his magic. He discovered that we could study mathematics at the beach. It also decided that I could learn English grammar, writing an hour a day.
I wrote a journal of my observations of nature. For English class, I decided to write a book. Every morning, I spent a happy hour by adding another chapter. The book was about traveling around the world with my family, catching animals. Each catch was having an affair with a dangerous animal. It was sometimes difficult to rescue my mother from a lion or a snake Larry, in just one hour.

While writing, Peter was walking in the garden with Margo, looking flowers. Peter Margo and both were interested in the flowers and each other that Peter had less time to make me or other work math problems.
One afternoon, while I was climbing an olive tree, put my hand into a hole. I felt something soft and warm under my fingers move. I pulled my hand out and saw. That was getting a baby owl. I bit my finger and we fell the tree together.
I put the baby owl in my pocket and take home. The whole family thought it was a wonderful pet. We called Odysseus and gave him a basket to live next to my desk.
Roger was used to share my room with all types of creatures, so I decided to put Ulysses. I put Ulysses on the floor and told Roger to go with him. Roger Ulises way around slowly. Roger Ulysses followed with his eyes. Roger began to look worried. I told Roger to go away. Ulises jump nose and look at Roger's eyes. Roger bark from the shock and ran under the desk. I had to return to your shopping cart before Roger came out again. There was quite a successful meeting.
While Ulysses is toward more, he and Roger became friends. In the evenings, when I was swimming in the sea, Ulysses fell on the back of Roger to the beach. He sat in my clothes as a guard while Roger and I played in the water. Sometimes flying over our heads and called us.
As the hottest summer at the family spent much time on our boat, the sea cow. I spent hours collecting specimens of rocks and puddles into small islands. Unfortunately, my family does not like the islands as much as me because they had good beaches. I decided I needed a boat to myself.
I went to talk with Leslie, when he was in good humor.
"Leslie, what are going to give me for my birthday?" I asked.
"I do not know, Gerry. Choose something, "said Leslie.
"I really want a boat. You could build one for me, "I replied.
"A boat," said Leslie. "That's too big for a birthday present."
"Well, you tell me of their choice and I really need a boat. Of course, if it is too difficult for you ... "I said.
Leslie stared at me. "No, not too difficult," he finally said. "But it's hard work."
In the next two weeks, had many hits and screams from the backyard when Leslie was working on my boat.
The day before my birthday, we went to the city. Lugaretzia went to the dentist. We buy food and wine for my birthday party and my family had to buy my gifts. We wanted to invite ten people to the party, but in the city every person in the family invite you to ten different people. It was obvious that the party would be great.
The dentist took all the teeth Lugaretzia. She cried in the car on the way home. She would not be helpful to prepare a great feast.

"Do not worry," Spiro said. "I make the party."
On the morning of my birthday, Leslie took us to the backyard to see my gift. The boat was almost round and was painted green and white on the inside and black and orange on the outside. I thought it was beautiful, perfect for collecting specimens. The whole family helped to lower it to the beach and called Bottle.
The house and garden were soon filled with guests. Spiro made the stew in the kitchen and his friend served meals and drinks. Some people brought their entire family to the party. Most of the guests brought gifts, but my favorite gift was the two puppies that gave me a peasant family.
In the afternoon, Leslie Theodore and started dancing the national dance, the Kalanatianos. Spiro and some of the other men began to dance too. Lugaretzia way around showing people the inside of your mouth. Larry was in the garden to teach some Greek writing poems. Everyone had a good time.
That night, Roger went to sleep with my feet, a puppy under each arm and Ulysses sitting on my bed.

CHAPTER 10. The family goes hunting.

In late summer, Mother decided that Margo and Peter were too young to be so interested in the other. None of us wanted Peter to become part of the family. Leslie wanted to shoot Peter, but Mother did not agree. She asked Peter to leave. He departed on the ferry in the middle of the night without saying goodbye. Margo cried and acted like the heroine of a tragedy.
"My life is complete. I want to die, "he said, while walking in his room dressed in black. He refused to go down and eat. I went food to your room.
A Spiro loved a good drama, and cried as much as Margo, but also sent his friends to the coast in the event that Peter decided to return.
Winter came and the hunting season began. Leslie brought many dead birds and rabbits at home. He told stories of hunting all afternoon.
"It sounds very difficult," Larry said one afternoon in the middle of a story. "They only point the gun and shoot."
"It's much more difficult than that," Leslie said.
"I do not see why," said Larry.
"Come hunting with me tomorrow and see why," Leslie said.
"Okay," said Larry. "Tomorrow you only need to use your brain to be a good hunter."
The next morning was cold and damp, but all went to see Larry hunt.
"I do not understand why I have to show you how easy it is," he complained. "I've already explained."

Suddenly, a bird came flying. Larry shot, but nothing happened.
"You have to put bullets in the gun," said Leslie, laughing, "or does not work."
"I thought you the put," Larry said as he put bullets in the gun.
"I thought you the put," Larry said, as he put bullets in the gun.
Larry was standing next to a pond when another bird flew away. When shot, fell backwards into the water.
The mud was very deep and Larry got stuck. He could not leave by itself. Leslie's gun was also in the mud and Leslie was furious.
"My gun!" Cried Leslie. "You ruined my gun!"
"Stop worrying about your stupid gun and get me out of here!" Larry shouted angrily.
"Take the end of the gun and use it to get you," ordered Leslie.
"Are you OK?" Asked Margo, when Larry was finally out of the mud.
"I'm fine," said Larry. "I've had very well. I have cold I'm wet and dirty. My shoes were lost in the mud and I've probably caught pneumonia. "Walked home with Larry complaining.
When we got home, Lugaretzia made a great fire in the fireplace in the room Larry. He took a bottle of brandy and went to bed. After a while, we hear him singing. Margo went upstairs to see if everything was alright.
"Larry's drunk," Margo said, when he returned downstairs.
Mother was upstairs to the room of Larry. "Who are you?" Asked Larry, when Mother opened her door. Then he fell asleep.
Early in the morning, Margo saw smoke coming from Larry's room.
"The house is on fire!" He cried.
Mother ran to Larry's room. He was asleep. "Wake up, Larry! Wake up! "He cried. "Your room is on fire."
"Well, get water for wearing it," said Larry. He sat on the bed and gave orders and instructions to all.
When the fire went out, Larry said, "There was no reason for panic. Now please bring me a cup of tea. I have a headache. "
"You have a hangover," said Leslie, "drinking cognac."
"I had fever last night, and then this morning, I had to help a group of hysterical people to extinguish a fire. It's enough to give someone a headache, "said Larry.
"How did you help? Do not you left the bed, "said Leslie.
"Somebody had to say what to do," said Larry. "You use your brain that account in a situation like that."

CHAPTER 11. The letter from Aunt Hermione.

Spring arrived and the island was covered with flowers. We spend our time on the terrace, eating, sleeping, reading or just talking.
Once a month, Mother received a letter from our great aunt Hermione in England. One day we showed a particularly thick letter and said, "Aunt Hermione wants to come and stay with us."
"No, I refuse," cried Larry. V "Aunt Hermione is impossible. The disease is their profession. Tell him we have no room. "
"I can not do that, dear," said Mother. "I already told that we have a large villa."
"Well, tell that there is an epidemic," said Larry.
"Do not be silly. I already told how health here, "said Mother.
"Really, Mother, you're impossible. I was planning a great summer quiet with a few friends, "Larry said. "I know. I will write and tell him you're sick. "
"If you do, it will come to take care of," Mother replied.
"There is only one solution! We must move to a smaller cottage, "said Larry.
"Larry, do not be stupid!" Mother said. "People will think we're crazy if we move again."
"If Hermione comes aunt, mother, crazy," Larry said. "We have to move to a smaller villa. There is no other option. "
"It's so eccentric," said Mother.
"There is so eccentric," said Larry. "It's perfectly logical."
"Be sensible, Mother," said Margo. "A change is as good as a feast."
We did not understand the saying of Margo, but we moved to a smaller villa.

The snow-white villa.

CHAPTER 12. More animal friends.

The new villa was as white as snow. He was on top of a hill. There was a large terrace on either side of the house. The front garden had many flowers, there was a magnolia tree in the backyard, and there were olive trees everywhere.
Now I had a chance to see some green praying mantis with its big eyes and long arms and legs. I mentioned to one of the largest of these strange insects Cicely. She flew into my room at night to hunt insects

Flying around my light. Cicely was almost twelve inches wide. The first time I got up, grabbed my thumb with his long legs. The sharp needles along his legs broke my thumb and I immediately let go. When I looked at my thumb was bleeding in several places.
Transparent lizards called geckos also entered my room at night to hunt insects. I called a particularly clever geckos Geronimo. He lived only under a rock in the garden. In the afternoon, climbed the wall and to hunt down my window in my room. He also hunted the insects flying around my light.
One night there was a terrible battle in my room between Cicely and Geronimo. Cicely was flying in to hunt while Geronimo was there. Cicely Geronimo attacked to protect its territory. They fought on the roof and up and down the wall. Finally, it fell into my bed. The sharp Cicely legs made a big cut on the back of Geronimo. Geronimo grabbed a leg of Cicely with his mouth. Cicely grabbed its tail. Cicely lost the fight when Geronimo left wing of one of its legs. Then the winner will eat the loser.
Meanwhile, Mother found a new mentor for me. His name was Mr Kralefsky and he lived in an old mansion near the outskirts of the city. Kralefsky was a man with an oval head.
"Are you Gerry Durrell" asked the first time we met. "I'm sure going to be great friends. Come and help me give my birds fresh water. "
We climbed to the attic of his house. It was filled with huge cages. There were dozens of birds flying into them. Kralefsky spoke to the birds as we filled each jar of water. We spent part of every lesson talking about birds, but Kralefsky also made me learn a lot of history, geography and French.
I soon discovered that Kralefsky had a fantastic imagination. He told me wonderful stories of adventure. He was always the hero and always had to rescue a beautiful lady. One day, I told Kralefsky wanted a bulldog.
"Oh yes, the Bulldogs are great dogs," he said. "Pit bull terriers but dangerous. I remember how I saved the life of a lady, "Kralefsky told us. "I was walking in a park when I heard someone screaming. I ran through the trees. Suddenly, I saw a lady with her back against a tree. Her dress was torn and his legs were bleeding. A Bull Terrier's was attacking. She was trying to protect a chair, but she was giving.

His eyes were shining as he continued, "I ran to pay the dog with my stick. The beast turn and leap into my throat. Tap on the animal's head, but my stick broke. The dog was injured, but I miss again. I got up there with empty hands. "
"What did you do?" I asked impatiently.
"I did the only thing possible under the circumstances," said Kralefsky. "When the dog jumped at my face, I put my hand into his mouth and hold your tongue. He bit my hand and I was bleeding, but he grabbed his tongue. Finally, the dog's body stop moving. I could not breathe while he was holding his tongue. "
I knew I probably was not true, but it was a wonderful story. One day, I met the mother of Kralefsky. It was a little old woman, not much bigger than a child. His room was full of flowers. "Can you hear about the flowers?" She asked.
I shook my head. The idea of talking flowers was new to me.
"I can hear them having long conversations," he said. "At least I think they have conversations, because, of course, can not understand language. Do you see that pink? I was in a vase with some wild flowers and they were very rude. I was dying. I put in a vase alone and gave him half an aspirin. Now it is beautiful again and is trying to stay beautiful as long as possible. "
"Well, talk to other bats and can not be heard, so maybe the flowers are the same," she said.
"Exactly," Mrs Kralefsky and said. "I'm old now everything has slowed down. Dismissal things that I never had time when I was young. When you're old, you will hear the flowers as well. "
One evening, after my lessons, I was walking on a hill near the cottage when I found a nest of a magpie. There were four birds in it. I took the highest and lowest home. All of the family reacted to them differently.
"They are lovely!" Said Margo.
"What are you going to feed?" Asked Mother.
"They're disgusting!" Said Leslie.
"Oh no! No more animals! "Shouted Larry.
"What are they?" Said Spiro.
"They are crows," I said.
"Magpies!" Said Leslie. "They are terrible thieves.

Larry took a hundred-drachma and held on babies birds. They looked up and opened their mouths. "See that?" Said Larry. "They try to attack and get the money. Gerry, you can not stay with these birds. "
"Nonsense," said Mother. "They're hungry. I think Gerry can have them. "
"You'll be sorry!" Said Larry. "We will need guards to protect our jewels and money with these birds in the house."
"What are their names?" Asked Spiro.
"Magpies," said Mother.
"Ah, Magenpies," said Spiro.
"No, magpies," said Mother.
"That's what I say," said Spiro. "Magenpies!"
And that's what we call the two-Magenpies birds. After they began to fly, learn to what rooms could enter. They thought that Larry's room was the most interesting because he always dreaded. They were sure he had something important to hide.
One day, Larry went swimming and left his window open. When he returned, his room was a disaster. There were papers all over the floor and paper clips all over the carpet and bed. The traces of the magpies and green ink slit around the table, floor and bed.
"Gerry, you must do something to control or kill those birds," Larry cry.
Mother and Leslie rose up and looked at Larry's room. "My God! What happened here? "Asked Mother.
"They were probably Magenpies," Leslie said, looking over her shoulder. "They stole something?"
"No," said Larry. "That's the only thing that did not."
After that, I decided to build a cage for Magenpies.

CHAPTER 13. The prisoner.

Beneath our village had fields with channels going between them. Figs, grapes and potatoes growing there. It was a wonderful place to hunt for specimens.
One afternoon, I was walking through fields with my dogs, when they started barking. vi. two water snakes in the mud of a canal. The captured and put in my basket collections. When I looked up, saw a man sitting and watching me. "You have to be healthy," he said as I walked out of the mud. "Are you a foreigner?"
"I'm English," I replied. "We live in a house on the hill."
"I went to my boat," he said. "Where you going?"
"We also went to the sea," she said.
"Well, we can walk together," said the stranger. "My home is here in the hills, but now I'm in a prison on the island Vido. I am a good prisoner, so I can come home on my boat on the weekends. Vido I return on Monday morning. "
We go to sea together. When we got to the boat's strange, I was surprised to see a large gull leg tied to the boat.
"Be careful! Bites, "said the stranger, but the great bird put his head in front and let me touch it. "He likes you. Do you want to have? "I asked.
"Oh yes," I said, "Of course I want it."
"Take it," said the stranger. "His name is Alecko. He will come when you call him. "
I grabbed Alecko under my arm and the stranger returned to his boat. "Come tomorrow," he said. "I'll get to catch fish for Alecko."
"What is your name?" I asked. "Why is prison?"
"My name is Kosti Panopoulos. Murderer to my wife, "he replied.
"Até Alecko peak closed and put on my shirt to take home. All were in the yard when I arrived.
Mother said, "What's that?"
"What a huge bird!" Margo said. "Is it an eagle?"
"It's a gull," said Leslie.
"Nonsense," said Larry. "It's an albatross and it is obviously dangerous. Everyone knows that they are unhappy. We probably an epidemic. "
"Where are you going to raise it, Gerry?" Mother asked.
"Part with the Magenpies cage and put it there," he said.
"What are you going to eat?" Said Mother.
"Kosti said that tomorrow I will go fishing to catch fish for Alecko," I replied. "He's a good prisoner, so you have a boat."
"A prisoner! Gerry, I do not think that's a good idea to go fishing with a prisoner, "said Mother. "After all, dear, do not know what he did."
"But I know what you did, Mother. He murdered his wife, "I replied.
"Gerry, you can not go fishing with a murderer," Mother said.
Finally, Mother said that if Leslie Kosti came to know first, I could go fishing with him. In the morning, Leslie boat dropped me at Kosti and shook hands with him Leslie was hunting the hills and Kosti and I went fishing. Kosti was a good fisherman and we caught enough fish to feed to Alecko for a week. Later, the villa came with me and we had tea with Mother on the terrace.

CHAPTER 14. The party.

We decided to have a party in the new chalet. It was September, so naturally, my family decided to call it crazy Christmas party. We invite everyone we knew.
The farmers brought baskets of fruit and vegetables to the kitchen door. Spiro came from a city with a car full of food and wine. Mother made a huge amount of food because they invite people to dinner, tea and dinner.
Strange things always happened in our parties. In this event the goldfish started it.
I still had water snakes in a pond in the garden. Spiro told him he could not find any goldfish to get him into the pond.
"Goldfish?" Said Spiro. "Do not worry. I find you a goldfish. "
One day, Spiro came for me in his car after my lessons. We drive to the gates of a beautiful mansion with a large garden. Spiro got out of the car with a pail and went to the door. A man opened the door to Spiro. They went into the garden, and Spiro few minutes later returned to the car and gave me the drum.
"Here, sir Gerry, goldfish," said Spiro. "But they are not visible to anybody."
A week later, I walked near the same house with Theodore, and asked who lived there.
"Oh, King of Greece is staying there when it comes to Corfu," said Theodore. I had even more respect for Spiro and my goldfish.
On the day of the party, I looked at my fish tank and saw that the water snakes were eating one of my goldfish. I put the snake in a container, and went to the kitchen to get some food for my dogs while thinking about how to solve this problem. When I returned, the drum was in the sun and snakes were almost dead. Mother ran to the kitchen.
"Mother, my snakes are dying!" I said.
"What can we do, dear?" He asked.
"I can put them in the bathtub?" I asked. "I think that will help."
"I guess it's true," said Mother. "But please, clean the tub afterwards."
I filled the tub with cold water. After a while, the snakes were better and returned to the party because the guests were arriving.
Went to the porch to look at the table. The Magenpies were sitting in the middle of the meal. There were broken beer bottles on the floor and there were footprints of birds in the food. The fly did not know Magenpies. They were drunk on beer.

"Gerry, put them in cages," Mother said. She was angry with Magenpies, but usually forget because they were drunk.
When I put the Magenpies in their cages, I saw Alecko was not there. Expected to be at the beach.
Leslie came home from hunting and went upstairs to take a shower and change clothes. After a few minutes, I heard screaming and came to the balcony wearing only a small towel. "Snakes!" He cried. "There are snakes in the bathtub." The guests began to look worried.
We went to remove snakes from the bath. When I returned, Larry was telling the worried guests, "This house is dangerous. Every corner is filled with dangerous creatures. I was attacked by a scorpion while lighting a cigarette. Magpies destroyed my room. Now there are snakes in the bath and an albatross is flying around the house. "
"We're going to eat now," said Mother, trying to distract the guests.
We all sat around the table, but several guests immediately jumped again. "Something has bitten me!" Cried the guests.
"That's exactly what I was talking about," said Larry, "Gerry probably has a family of tigers down here."
Theodore looked under the table. "Really," he said, "is a seagull."
"Gerry," said Mother, "put in his cage to Alecko immediately."
Alecko finally returned to its cage and the guests ate a long and wonderful food. After the meal, Spiro arrived. He had a large box with him.
"There are three turkeys that my wife cooked for your mother," said Spiro.
"We're all in for a drink before dinner," said Larry.
All the guests went to the living room talking and drinking champagne.
Mother had a little dog named Dodo. She went to the garden to find a tree. Unfortunately, there were some male dogs came running out and Dodo to the living room. Male dogs ran to the house after Dodo and my three dogs jumped to defend their territory.
"Wolves!" Said Larry.
"Keep calm! Keep calm! "Cried Leslie. He pulled them off the couch cushions to the dogs. The dogs grabbed the pillows and soon there were feathers everywhere.
"Where is the Dodo?" Said Mother. "Finding a Dodo!"
"Paradlos! Paradlos! "Cry Margo.
"I think black pepper is good to stop the fighting dogs," said Theodore, "but I've never tried."
"Save the women!" Shouted Kralefsky. He helped womanhood closer to getting on the couch and get on with it.

"Water is good," said Theodore. He had feathers in his beard.
Spiro Theodore overheard and went to get a bucket of water to the kitchen. He returned to the living room with the cube. "Beware!" Roared. "Part with the dogs."
The guests ran in all directions but were not quick enough. The water flew through the air and hit the ground like a wave, soaking everyone in the room. This had an instant effect on the dogs and they disappeared from the garden.
The guests were wet and covered with feathers.
"Well," Mother said, "This room is a disaster. Leslie, get some towels for us to dry. Come out to the terrace, everyone, and we had tea. "
Finally, we were all dry and happy. Larry played guitar, Spiro and Leslie cut turkeys, Mother gave more food to all; Kraleksky sat on the terrace wall Margo telling one of his wonderful adventures.
The island was black and silver in the moonlight. Owls are known to each other in the trees. The magnolia tree in the garden was full of large white flowers. They filled the garden with a wonderful smell.

CAPITULO15. Leaving Corfu.

Finally, Mr Kralefsky told Mother that he had nothing more to teach. He suggested a school in England or Switzerland to finish my education.
"But, Mother," I said, "I like to be half educated. Everything is so much more amazing. "
However, Mother had refused to listen. She decided to go back to England in a month to find a school for me. To avoid a rebellion in the family, she told us we'd be a very short break. Soon be returning to Corfu.
Our bags and boxes were packed and made cages for birds and turtles. The dogs looked uncomfortable their new collars. We gave our last walks through the olive trees and we said goodbye to our friends many farmers. Spiro came to the villa to take us to the city one last time.
In the customs building, Mother was on our mountain of possessions. The Alecko Magenpies and stared at the officer of customs.
"These are all yours?" Asked Mother. She said yes with his head nervously.
"Do you have some new Cloos?" The inspector then asked

"Excuse me," said Mother. "I did not understand the question."
"Do you have some new Cloos?" Repeated higher.
Spiro came and saved the mother replies. "No," he said. "They have new clothes."
Our good friends waited for the boat with us. It was hard to find words to say goodbye.
"Well, I will not say goodbye, but au revoir," Theodore said sadly, while hands shocked us all. "I hope your return very soon."
"Bye, bye," said Kralefsky, going from person to person. "Fare ye well. Will be a very good holiday. Come back soon. "
Spiro shook hands with each of us and then stood with a sad expression on his face. "Well, I say goodbye," he began, and then began to mourn. "Honestly, I mourn. But you are like my family. "
The boat waited while Spiro consoled. When we finally boarded, our friends waved as the boat took us to the sea.
After ashore in Italy, the train took us from Brindisi to Switzerland, and no one spoke. The birds and the dogs were asleep. In the Swiss border, a guard checked our documents very effective and wrote something. A few minutes later, Mother looked at the documents.
"What man more rude!" She said. "Look what you wrote!"
On the form, under Description of the passengers said, walking a circus.
Larry looked at the form. "Well, that is the punishment for leaving Corfu," he said.
The train continued on to England.

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