My orange lime plant

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Mi Planta de Naranja Lima

Part One:

The discoverer of things

A boy named Zeze had an older brother named Totoca. Totoca taught him many things like crossing the street. Zezé admired him very much. His family was very poor and her father was unemployed. One day Totoca asked his uncle Edmund as he had learned to read. He told her he had learned overnight. Zezé One day she showed her uncle as he read and was impressed. Everyone knew and found him a phenomenon. Uncle Edmund had promised him a wooden horse to Zezé if he showed as he read.

Some orange-lime plant

Zeze went with his brother Louis Zoo. He showed all the animals he knew. Then Zeze was with his family to see the new house. Everyone took a tree to be one. Zeze only took an orange-lime plant. Zeze suddenly realized that the plant was speaking. They talked a lot and were to be seen every day when Zeze were living in their new home. The plant was called Minguito.

The thin fingers of poverty

Zeze heard a news in your neighborhood that after the Rio-Sao Paulo highway going to give away toys. After convincing Mama was so he could go, was with his younger brother Louis, provided they left the postman. The postman brought but after a while, he said his work was late because of them and left them in the Rio-Sao Paulo highway. Were delayed due to fatigue and when they arrived they were gone. The next day at night was good night, Zeze only got a few coins. All finished very fast and no one received anything. Zeze the next day still had esperansa can receive some gifts but did not find him and inadvertently insulted his father. Zeze worked hard shining shoes and with the money he got his dad bought him some cigarettes and were reconciled.

The bird, the school and the flower

Zeze is treatment that was already moving home. Carrying things in a wagon to get there Zeze spoke with orange-lime plant. Zeze Then he made a joke to a woman passing by throw a sock and the woman believed she was a snake. The lady screamed and then found out that it had been and Zeze challenged. Zeze Totoca to him with that had a bird, loved him, was a bird very true, but one day Totoca died and refused to have a bird again. Zeze Then he enrolled in a school to attend classes. We thought it applied that students bring flowers to miss. Zeze penso and began to take flowers to his miss. The miss very happy admired and loved him. One day Miss challenged Zeze Zeze because he discovered that he got the flowers of a house. The miss said he had not brought more and every time I saw the vase could have imagined full of flowers given by Zeze.

In a cell I watch you die

It was intended that Zeze knew a street singer named Arriovaldo. Zeze wanted to work with him. Arriovaldo accepted. Zeze's job was to sell brochures to people passing by. What he got was given to Arriovaldo. Then it was left to him Zeze. One day when a lady insulted lunch Arriobaldo saying that as a child could operate so young. After much discussion, Arriovaldo is threatening the woman with a knife but did not do anything. Arriovaldo said "I will avenge her."



Part Two

The lake Murcia

It was some friends of Zeze had a kind of test. The test was to climb over the rear wheel of l order of the Portuguese who was a person with a lot of money. Zeze accepted the challenge and climbed over the rear wheel. Portuguese then noticed and challenged him much. Zeze After much embarrassment of not being able to test was at school. After school he met his Zeze Totoca brother and told him a favor. The favor was that fight with a fellow Totoca. Zeze accepted and was brutally beaten. Then they were separated and went home. Zeze then Luis taught how to play the sport.

The conquest

It was intended that had accidentally crossed Zeze glass. He wanted anyone to know for fear of being beaten. Zeze barely able to tread. He arrived home, I was just his sister Gloria. Gloria healed him and told him to stay in bed and rest. Zeze said that anybody not even digest his family to not be beaten. When her parents arrived, Gloria said nothing of the accident he had. The next day Zeze made an effort to go to school. On the road he met with the Portuguese. The Portuguese said he could not go well at school. She took him to the doctor and he put some strange things to heal soon. Then he bought an ice cream Portuguese to Zeze. Zeze realized that the Portuguese was not as bad as I thought.

Talks here and there

Zeze It was intended that the Portuguese went to the house and talked about his life, who were the members of each family, what were the situation of his family .... etc. Zeze then asked permission to Portuguese if you could try. After the Portuguese took it out for a ride in his car and told that his car Zeze also was his.

Two memorable beatings

It was intended that Totoca taught to make a balloon Zeze. Zeze was doing when his sister told him to go down to eat. He was already ledijo that. His sister told Zeze again but not low. His sister came and took it to below the ear. Zeze said he wanted to continue making the balloon and left. Her sister grabbed him and began to beat strongly. Zeze's beating in between saying "whore" and his sister hit him harder. Then his other sister, Gloria, and carried to his room and Zeze Zeze rest. When it was getting better he saw his dad reading. He smiled to see him sing a song: "I see a naked girl ....." dad heard him and told him dijiera Zeze again. Zeze did and his dad gave him another beating. Mom Zeze arrived and took him to his room and said, "because I was born to hit."

Strange soft or order

Zeze It was intended that had been improved and went to the station to see if he was Portuguese. He found him and told him he had not seen him these days because his dad had beaten. Zeze said he wanted suicidarce because nobody wanted him. The Portuguese told him not to because I loved him. Zeze said he was going to think more. Then they went out for a ride in the car and were juntarce to go fishing in a river. Zeze went fishing and got dirty a lot. Ate something and went home.

From bits and pieces is formed

It was asked that Zeze Totoca borrowed money. Zeze Totoca gave it and said a few things super important: His dad got a job and they'll cut your orange-lime plant.

The Mangaratiba

It was intended that Zeze was in college and heard that the car had struck the Portuguese a train and died. Zeze fell into depression and a fever came very strong. They called the doctor and said he had a shock and if he cared he would live. Many people came to see him. He recovered and was dreaming that the train killed Minguito (ground lime-orange). Later he was with Louis Zoo.

Saints are to old trees

It was intended that Zeze was reconciled with his dad and his dad said he would change to a big house and all the trees that were there were to be Zeze. But the same could not think of Portuga

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