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3.Economy and Society during the war: from the 1914 to 1918, the demands Of the war had a dramatic impact on the economies and societies of the Participants.*The war economy: in countries that were at war, most Economic activity was directed towards the military effort. Industry concentrated On producing supplies and equipment for the armed forces, including food, Uniforms…many recent inventions were also used in the war, such as the Telephone, the telegraph,armoured tanks, aeroplanes, submarines, grenades and Poison gas. At the same time, the production of consumer goods decreased Because there weren´t enough workers in the factories. People received books of Ration tickets that they could exchange for limited quiantities of rationed Goods. Some people also bought and sold things on the black market. *Social Effects of the war: during the war, men were conscripted or recruited into The armed forces. In European countries and their colonies, advertisements were Often used to encourage patriotism and convince more young men to enlist in the Armed forces.

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