Napoleon's empire 1804-1815

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T.2 ILLUSTRATION: CARACTERISTICAS_confianza in human reason, faith in progress, right wing happiness in this world and nature was the principle of right. Enlightenment thought: egalitarian society, government participation of citizens, deism, physiocracy and instruction. DESPOTISM ILLUSTRATED: reforms in politics, society, economy and culture. WAR OF SUCCESSION (1701-1713) aspired to the throne of Spain a Arjou Felipe de Borbon and a Habsburg Archduke Carlos.Supuso I face an international war France, with most of Europe and a Civil War because he supported Castile and Aragon to Philip archiduque.La war ended with the Treaty of Utrecht (1713), Philip was recognized as king of Spain.

T.4 French Revolution and national FASES_Asamblea riots (1789), Constituent Assembly (1789-1791) French Republic (1792-1795) Directory and rise of Napoleon (1795-1804). Napoleonic Empire (1804-1815). In 1804 named emperor. INTERNAL POLICY: drawing up the civil code and reform education. FOREIGN POLICY: Europe extended his empire by defeating all the European powers unless large bretaña__sus troops were defeated in 1813, anti-Napoleonic troops entered France in 1814.Napoleon was exile and the monarchy was installed borbonica.Napoleon return to France and returned to power (the 100 day rule). Wuaterloo was finally won in 1815 and exiled wing island of St. Helena. LIBERALISM: Born in the 19th century, their goal was defend the freedom of the individual was opposed to the absolute power of kings, maintained quye power resided in the people and emanating from the people, and rejected the stratified society of clases.Se defended based on the statements of human rights, proclaimed in the U.S. In 1776 and France in 1791. NATIONALISM: (N S.19) was a feeling of belonging to the same community or move nacion.Sus took two forms: one wanted the release of other nations under and another stated that territories with common elements but different politics should aspire to be a nation.

T.5 GODOY RELATIONS WITH FRANCE :1-execution of the French king Louis 16, rush the incorporation of Spain cualicion antifrancesa.2-wing first in 1795 in France will end the era of terror and began a more moderate phase. BACKGROUND OF THE WAR: 1-Spain allied with France against Britain by the Treaty of San Ildefonso (1796y1800), the Franco-Spanish fleet was defeated at the Battle of Trafalgar. 2 In 1807, Napoleon Godoy signed with the Treaty of Fontainebleau which allowed the entry of French troops in Spain to invade Portugal. 3-A group opposed to Godoy courtier and its permissive policy with France, this causes the conspiracy of the Escorial, which ended in failure. 4-Charles 4 and Fernando 7 were taken to Bayonne there renounced the throne of Spain, cediendoselo to Napoleon, who gave it to Joseph Bonaparte, who ruled Spain during the French occupation.WAR OF INDEPENDENCE: 1-Spain beat France at the Battle of baille (July 1808). 2-For this Napoleon, moved to Spain with a large army, which gained control of almost all the cities were besieged peninsula.Algunas on several occasions but resisted. 3-The British lent support to the Spanish and this changed the course of the Hispano-British army guerra.El alos overcame French Arapiles, Vitoria and San Marcial, which forced Napoleon to retire in 1814. INDEPENDENCE AMERICA_CAUSAS :1-dissemination of ideas of the French Revolution and an example of U.S. Independence. 2-Dissatisfied with the bourgeoisie criolla.3Ayuda of Britain and America who wanted to control the American trade. 4 - The Monroe Doctrine, which slogan said: America for Americans, which did not allow entry dfe European troops on the continent .5-conflict situation and international weakness of Spain, q concentrated its efforts in fighting for independence

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