Narrative models of the late twentieth century

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freedoms in earnings during treansicion1975-1981 allows a surge of publications in Portugal, the emergence of new publishers (Galaxy) and literary prizes q strive to make available to new generations of classical texts or check out the literature on testemuñalista civil war, still in full swing as cunquiero narrators (the other marketer 1979) or folding (q ninghen believe stories 1985). out of the cycle of new narrative works are published Galician actors as M ª Xose Queiz?n amantia 1984. new writers born in the '40s and early 50th evolve into a narrative of social and technical concerns crudely realistic formulation more complex. the main trends in the narrative of the transition are: - rural realism and ethnography, q takes as its model the bellows (Xose flour stories Cañiza)-narrative memoralistica, focusing on civil war post-war (Ramón de Valenzuela was time to apandar) - historical narratives , q recreate certain moments of our past (Victor freixanes triangle inscribed in circle) - socioloxicoemigracion realism, industrialization, the crisis in rural areas (Fernandez Xose smith die in Castrelo de Miño) - social-allegorical narrative, works intended mostrarde allegorical form q the situation of the Galician people and introduce a basic narrative realistic fantastic elements (Xavier Alcalá fable) - narrative genre, experimental tests of the western and science ficion (Lois Diéguez galouz z-28) and refreshing narrative and experimental (c.casares toys for a time forbidden). the works of Charles casares19412002 could encadrarse the horizon of the formal renewal of the Galician new narrative. blast injured or toys for a time forbidden themes and motifs present in great modernity. on 2nd slap full maturity as a storyteller, he abandons the assumptions of the nng and returns the techniques and more traditional approaches, these are works set in the historic past that use resources coming from traditional realism. the dark dreams of clio represents this new stage. M Xose Martinez hollow publishes the trail, a memory of political activism in the '70s. Alfredo Conde introduces the transformation of our narrative of q as the fruit will have the griffon in the wind. Alcalacon Manoel two titles published in 1980 and also in the story line testemuñista our gray. f freixanes victor in 1982, the triangle inscribed in the circumference of the promotion of other narrators are 70 or Lois Diéguez Francisco Martins. from 1985 new stage of cnsolidacion and thematic diversification, introduction of Galician in education. continues to expand editorial and prizes literariosadquiren special relevance. promotions of 50 and 70 add new autoers, proliferanos experiences generic, however, produces a crisis of narrative socieloxica. We noted the following trends: - narrataiva gender: experimentalism in general should refer to the science fiction novel, the erotic narrative, the sentimental novel or even the western, the detective novel and detective - historical romance: adscribese this trend works of Jesus oxtail walls - fantastic narrative: omodelo Cunqueiro and the tradition of Arthur and cabaleiresxa influence the production of John hut, Jose Miranda..-- Narratiba urban and experimental: works characterized by experimentation and exploiracion form of narrative worlds rare in our literature, it is necessary to note the recent literature bravude Jorge Souto. other trends such as the humorous narrative of narrative poetry, characterized by a poetic treatment of language. the main current authors are: Johan Darya hut / Galve in saor) defines characteristics of its narrative world, magical realism Cunqueiro between the wonderful and cotidianiedade. Suso de Toro and author of a work d special importance. In case of disaster or polaroid, books fragmentary prints of unconnected and offenders, as it lays the foundations for a world characterized by the literary character Marxian. Manuel Rivas Today is the Galician writer with more projection and editorial media. chegalle success with the book of short stories, a million cows, an ironic vision and sympathy of interest. eaters of potatoes and their 1st foray into romance and it consolidates the Asia conception of interest as a synthesis between the rural and urban. others are narrators Marila Aleixandre transit of grammarians Xose Carlos Caneiro, winning on several occasions with the misery of loneliness, Ebora, etc.

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