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Primero en un papel, dos listas: for, against. INTRODUCCION: hablar del tema en general, utilizar tercer persona. Tiene que ser corta y no me tengo que posicionar -Ayudas: people say.. People believe.. It is said..(se dice) the practise of "sports" has increased in our society recently... Is really important to practice sports? Why should people do it (believe) many people are in favor and a lot are against.. DESARROLLO: dos parrafos, el mas largo primero, a favor i en contra -Ayudas: The latest research about the topic let us know that... On the one hand.. On the other hand.. In contrast.. In the firts place.. Secondly.. Moreover.. (ademas) besides.. (a parte de) one point of view in favor of.. There's no doubt that.. CONCLUSION: cerrar tema, nos posicionamos, no muy larga -Ayudas: finally.. in conclusion.. It is not totally accepted yet.. I agree that.. In my opinion.. Nevertheless.. (sin embargo) what's more..

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