The nature of culture

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“ Noo. I’ll have the man arrested. Everyone remotely involved. In any case there may be nothing to it. Just rumors.” (Soyinka, 26). Pilkings stopped Elesin from committing suicide and put him in jail, which means there is no peace ( in the natives culture) “ You have shattered the peace of the world for ever. There is no sleep in the world tonight.” ( Soyinka, 62). Elesin has a son which went to Britain to become a doctor. Jane and Pilkings thought that he would have changed his mind about his cultural identity and the idea that his father is about to commit suicide “ Mrs Pilkings, I came home to bury my father. As soon as I heard the news I booked my passage home.” ( Soyinka, 52). Olunde reaffirms that their people have no respect for their culture and what they believe in “I discovered that you have no respect for what you do not understand.” ( Soyinka, 50).

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