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Kershev Said “Hitler relies on advisors and acolytes in his inner circle”. He thinks Hitler Was “lazy” and that everything was done for him.

Brancher Describes Hitler as “the master of the Third Reich”.

Lebensraum: The right of the superior German race to acquire living space for its people. This was an ideology that Hitler often looked to to justify his taking over of other lands. Totalitarian state: country where a single party controls the government and every aspect of peoples lives. Enabling act: 1933 passed using threats and promises, it transfered legislative power to Hitler and his cabinet. It ultimately gave Hitler dictatorial powers and led to the banning of other political powers. Rohm: An early Nazi leader who helped develop the Nazi party militarily. He was executed as a potential rival of the Night of the long knives. How to control Germany: One state party, Terror, Propaganda, youth, workforce, religion(concordat), racism. Weimar Republic: Ineffective constitution, article 48, proportional voting, too much power from German states, the army, left wing rebellions, Invasion, inflation, munich putsch 1923. Causes of the WW2: TOV solved nothing, The league failed to keep peace, appeasement( Saar plebescite, conscription, rearmament, rhinekand, Austria, Cechosloovakia, nazi soviet pact, poland)

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