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describe the narrator of the story/the narrador of the story is ashy man, hard- working, likes his job he never went to the pub or date girlsdescribe the usherette/she was small and slim, with long curly hair and amazing deep blue eyes.
Who else was upstairs on the bus, and what was he doing? An air force man in the front, reading his newspaper.
How did the narrator feel when they got off the bus? Why?because he felts nervious he has Kiss the girl.
Who was in the café when the narrator and the girl entered and what were the people talking abaut?the drive, the air force and the drive there are talking abaut the white uniform man. Some thing horrible that hard happen to an Air Force man.
What decision did the narrator make abaut the girl?he did like to hause a romantic relationship with he and he wont to the jewesthers shop.What was the girl s attitude toward Air Force men? Why? she didn't like them because they destroyed her house and killed her parents Where did the narrator go the following afternoon and what did he do there? He went t Jehuelle shop and bought a broach for the girl and he has got good intencion.
What did the narrator discover when he got to the cinema? The girl didnt go to work and nobody knew where she lives.
What surprising news did the narrator learn from his boss?that the girl had killed 3 Air Force Man.
Explain how the narrator understood that his girl was the murdere.He saw the Photograph of her newspaper and she had done exady the some with he.