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Tb ocular phenomena appear, sign Stenon-louis: sinking of the eyeball loss of transparency of the cornea formation of wrinkles in the cornea appear sandy dust deposit in 45min als eyes open and eyes closed for 24h in sommer sign-Larche; triangle cn dark based on cornea k starts at the outer half of wing transparency eye because of the sclera by deshiodratacion k makes visible the pigment of the choroid Hipostacia postmortem: is the accumulation and sedimentation of organelles of blood in the sloping areas of the cadaver influenced x gravity forming areas of pink or blue pormortem ls Like most supine bodies are listed in the back livideses legs thighs buttocks and back of the neck when the body is supported on a hard surface compressing pressure and vascular Ellex blankecinas pale areas seen on the shoulders and buttocks in the first pray can appear mottled areas on the surface especialmete leg Variable Color is dark pink to deep purple or blue when it's cherry red when there is failure poisoning carbon po Monocid-red brick by cyanide and color cafe x methemoglobin Evolution of livideces: begin to appear on the back of the neck ls around 45min in the cadaver RSTO appear 3-5h after the death disappear with ease pressure on the digit before 8am and cn ls difficulty after this time not disappearing from ls till afterthe 12h x so if the corpse is mobilized before 12 pm the livideces appear elsewhere medico-legal imports: diagnosis of death if they are well in place are signs of death that occurs between 12 -- Data 15h after the death of death by location color can convey the hour of death position of the body and whether it has been mobilized before lifting indicate exactly how the death occurred k if a corpse has been mobilized before 15h fallecimeinto occur elsewhere in livideces

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