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English Town

Pueblo inglés

Read The text and then answer the true/false questions.

T-“English Town” is in a Chinese city

F-These Houses are only for English people to buy

F-There Are pigeons in all the gardens

F-The English pubs look like pubs in Cambridge

T-There Aren’t any cricket fields in the new development

T-Shi Guangsheng feels proud about the English-style shops

F-Most Houses have a lawn

F-The houses are cheap



Answer The following questions.

What Features of Mexico’s business culture is Joanna having difficulties dealing With?

She does not have a sufficient command od Spanish, so she Cannot answer questions about her country.

She is not used to having business breakfasts, and lunches Seem to go on too long.

She thinks that colleagues are not interested in her ideas. Instead, they are trying to decide if they like her.

There is less eye contact than she is used to, ans people Stand too close to her when they talk to her.

Has She done anything to overcome her difficulties? If so, what has she done?

She has tried to overcome some of her difficulties by:

Attending classes to improve her Spanish

Asking a lot of questions about Mexican culture when she is Invited to dinners

What Advice wo-uld you give her to help her adapt to the local business culture?

Possible answer: Joanna should maje as much effort as Possible to improve her Spanish. She should observe how things are done in Mexico and do her best to adapt.

Is She the right person for a posting to Mexico? Why?/Why not?

Open debate. Because she doesn’t speak Spanish well and Doesn’t seem comfortable in Mexican business culture, she isn’t very well Suited to being threr. However, the fact that she’s aware that there are Cultural differences and that she’s trying to improve her Spanish may mean that She can find creative solutions to the challenges.

Do You think you would have any problems working in a situation like this? If so, Why?

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