Neoclassicism and Romanticism

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NEOCLASSICISM: the artistic movement of the eighteenth century marked x ilustracion.predomina reason over the senses, literature has a didactic purpose which highlights the critical ensayo.tiene simple style that values good taste. Lirica: no neither original nor emotional and didactic poetry is valued and utilitarian. highlights Juan Mendez Valdes x q be the best summarizes the neoclassical Anacreon, and also wrote on social issues. prose essay triumphs q contibuyo to create a more modern language and sencillo.los author had the common goal of modernizing the country with their obras.Jose Gallows with "Moroccan Letters" (social satire of Spain), Feijoo "universal critical stage" and Jovellanos with "reports on education, culture advocates q is the mode to achieve the personal and social good. theater defend credible work and teaching contrary to the public works calls barrocas.los q reject illustrated how baroque theater xq no respect for rule of three unitsx lack of didacticism in contenido.tuvo little success except the tragedy "Rachel" of Gil Vicente Huerta and comedies kien Moratin aims to educate viewers criticizing social norms, customs and behavior. (the girls if ")
ROMANTICISM. Mov aesthetic of the 1st half of Spain was XIX.A retrasado.los Brebes and Spanish Romantic writers show their desire x an ideal world and their dissatisfaction with the materialistic society through revolutionary traditionalists acctitudes. Poesia: make innovations as the use of new and old forms (ballad). collected the items specific two types of poetry: "lirica intimate: the hopes and frustrations about the author's social and religious issues (Becher and Rosalia);-narrative: they are legends and themes Historical (Espronceda and Duque de Rivas). Jose Espronceda: neoclassical formation but had obtained the influence of romanticism in his poems are about exilio.unos social outcast (pirate song) and others on their political and style is grandiloquent musicalidad.sus emphatic and very most important works: the student of Salamanca, and the devil world.Becher and Rosalia de Castro belong to Late Romanticism characterized by intimate lyrical, easy and cuidada.Bequer known for his "rhymes" of poetry born of poetry evocation of feeling and fantasy mixed with sencillez.Rosalia stands for " Sar on the banks of "personal style, simple and straightforward. prose: there are two genres:" The historical novel: themes of age media.destaca Gil y Carrasco (Lord of Membibre),-the society described manners q Serafin and graciosa.destacan so Larra: This emphasizes x q is periodistiocos ARTICLES dintinguan between Traditionalists (critical and satirical vision of society), political (global vision of politics) and literary (literary criticism at the time). Becher cultivation of prose in "Legends." theater drama dominates q is conmover.los themes are love and freedom q tragicos.destaca lead to the end of the Rose (the conspiracy of Venice) and Duke of Rivas (Don Alvaro or the force of destiny) q comical mix, prose and verse without respecting the three most famous writer is unidades.El Jose Zorrilla (Don Juan Tenorio)

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