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NEOPOPULARISMO the influence of Spanish lyric and song of the popular gen27 determines that develops a movement called neopopularismo, characterized by the use of short compositions of short verse, with chorus and lyric intensity due to repetition, parallelism and elimination surface of elem. works that define this movement are
The Lover and The Dawn of the Wallflower Marinero en tierra de Rafael Alberti and Poema de Cante Jondo and Gypsy Ballads of Federico Garcia Lorca.
Marinero en Tierra,
published in 1925. Alberti I win national prize for literature. This exposes the pained nostalgia of the poetic voice for having to leave their homeland.
Gypsy Ballads, Lorca unveiled the contents of the book before its publication in 1928. the protagonists of the poems are gypsies, socially marginalized than to Lorca represent the essence of Andalucia, dominated by the dissatisfaction people, love and death.
RAFAEL ALBERTI 1901/99, was born in ElPuertodeSta and begins its journey with "Marinero en tierra" neopopulism prone, which is maintained in "The Lover" (1926) and "The dawn of Alheli" (1927). In "On the angels" (1928) are noted surrealist features. After worries about the society in "Poeta en la calle" (1924). Abla sbre in exile with the Esp prdida "notif the clavl and spd.
FEDERICO GARCIA LORCA (1898-1936) was born in FteVaqueros (Gdansk). His popular mix Andalusian literature and literary readings. "Poem flamenco .." and "Ballads" revitalize the tradition. "Poet in New York" (1929) embodies the surrealism and "Lament for David Schez Mejias" (1935), "Divan de Tamarit" (1940) and Sonnets of Dark Love "(1986) seeking a balance, they kill the com of the GC.

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