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the dogs life: 2. No, they arent because there 3 types of dogs that are even less intelligent. 3.T 4.F 5.F 6.T 7.Injere. 8.Expert. 9.To. 10.Stupidity. 11. The dog never was taught to dance. 12. Isnt as litte as a choq chow. 13. Jenny said that she would be happy if she could be of any help.
NEXT STOP:MARS : 1. No, because it is important to know if Mars has life. 2. The reason more interesting is to have hidden water. 3. F, mankind never has gone to Mars. 4. F, reaching Mars cost much more that to go to the moom. 5. F, because Mars is half that tre earth. 6. F. 8.Hostile 9.Politics 10.Successful 11. A dog whose name was laika was sent... 12. D.L are being gone to invite... 14. Many people consider useless space exploration.
THE RIGHT TO CARRY GUNS: 1. Because C. Heston wants to have guns to defend himself while Tony Blair is opposite 2. Because british people havent right to carry guns in the street 3. F they have more common links. 4.T 5.T 6.T 7.Sign 8. Both 9. Forearms 10. Legalize 11. This ban would be judped as scandalous by many americans. 12. What can any adult buy in ee.Uu? 13....That he was in favour of guns, himself 14.... He wouldnt have been a criminal.
SMOKING IN ASIA: 1. Because asia has countries very populated 2. Because virginia slims is a cigarrete for the women who want to begin to smoke 3.F 4.F 5.T 6.T 7.Brand 8. Suppose 9. Wideness 10.For 12....The people would buy less 13. ..Not to smoke if you... 14. Her story made me cry.
COMING TO EARTH: 1.The different were food,shower and to be separated of family. 2. They have goods communications and e-mail. 3. F because he was for one week. 4.F because there were more countries. 5. T 6.T .7. Calm 8. Go on 9. Astronaut 10. Enjoyable 11. When did E.L meet with his fiancee? 12. Malenchenko had a wark around the station 13. A lot of information are being given to the journalists by the astronauts. 14. If i ever went to space, i would be very happy
No question of whether i…
1. The author is afraid because her parents could die any moment. 2. When her parents didnt respond to a text message or they get home after. 3. Because her parents are losing heard and memory. 4. T.(6) 4. T(10-11) 6. Death 7. Abroad 8.Defended 9. Take care 10. That I went 11.How long had she been swimming? 12. Should study harder but you didnt listen to me. 13. The value of your father will be known only when he is dead.

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