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SCHOOL OF ROCK-> EDMOND Demolins, visited the first two and came to the conclusion of the
superiority of the English consisted enseñanza.Fundó the best quality of this school, modeled on
Bedales.En middle of a park that inmates debian care, with a river aladovivian in groups of 25,30, small
pabellones.Los positions were distributed among the students, they gave importance to carpentry, ironwork ..
SCHOOL ODENWALD-> PAUL GEHEEB 1910. Outdoor classroom, the importance of the work ef
manuals, care of the garden, co-education and self-governance were the beginning fund. This escuela.En 1934
'm going to Switzerland, fungo l.ecole d.humanite, international school to disseminate the spirit of peace.

ARBEITSCHULE School work-> Kerschensteiner. He believes that education is giving human beings a way
of vida.La education should stop being heteronomous to be effective it must autonoma.Para turn in interest
the work has a clear educando.El dimension pedagogica.Piensa man has to be educated so that
hombre.Se this service is to consider the whole as a real homework to taller.Se shopkeeper
character education would promote global educando.Se conianza in themselves, and trust while
may, in the learner's initiative.

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