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Unit 9

1)Compound adjectives
bald-headed=calvo     bad-tempered=enfadado   brown-eyes=ojos maron
curly-haired=rizado   easy-going=facil    long legged=patilargo
rosy cheeked=mejilla rosa            suntanned= moreno

Warm(broken)- hearted=amable    Absent(broad)- minded=forget
self centred (disciplined)= centrado  big(harc)-headed=cabezon

2)Body idioms
a) keep an eye on someone     b)twist someone's arm
c)pull someone's leg                d) put your foot on it
e)  be on the tip of your tongue     f) give someone a hand
g) keep a straight face                 h) pick someones brains

3)Relative clauses
The plasma TV has broken. I only bought it last week
The plasma TV, which I bought last week, has broken

Unit 10

1)Expressions with mind
a) mind your own business            b) Do you mind if...
c) I don't mind + noun or -ing      d) change your mind
e) make up your mind                   f) mind your head
g) spring to mind                           h) take your mind off something
i) be bored out of your mind         j) be in two minds about something
k) bear something in mind            l) would you mind if + -ing

2) Noun suffixes
Noun      -(t) ion       -ment          Adjectives     -ness   -ity

3) Mental activities
suspect= not sure        consider= opinion     doubt= not sure
recollect=remind         contemplate=think about it    analyse
memorize= not to forget      comprehend= understand
reminds         occurs= comes to  mind

Unit 11

1) Conditionals
0= If+ present simple , present simpre
1= If+ present simple, future simple
2= If+past simple, would+ present continuous
3= If+ past perfect, would + past perfect continuous
Mixed=  If + past perfect,  would + present

2) Compound nouns
Internet acces           Search engine          Mobile phone
Instant messaging     artificial intelligence     battery life

Unit 12

1) Achievement and succes
a) fulfil on ambition                b) reach a target
c) achieve success                   d) manage to do something
e) succeed in doing something

2) Compound adjectives
Eye catching                             Time-consuming
lavar-saving                              Heart- warming
thirst- quenching                       mouth-watering
record-breaking                        Meat-eating

2-5 words
might have gone                give me a hand         must be still playing
is expected that Sally will      told her son off           keep an eye
were held up                   is said to have been

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